List of bugs noted so far

  • Hi guys!

    Long time Chivalry player here and I’m most glad to help out in the beta.

    Here’s a few bugs that I noted:

    1. if particules on medium,
      they show up as empty blank effects and actually cover everything
      (for example the circular shield ability you cant see people inside it, its covered by an empty texture)
      like Counter-Strike games with the missing green textures thingy.

    2. cant see & type in team chat/all chat when disabling VOIP, mayby put
      an option to disable each one seperately.

    Also can’t use voice commands is VOIP is off, can use em when its on. (could be vice-versa for others dunno)

    3.sometimes climbing bugs out and just resets.

    1. Play! + Objective Mode research = Aborted matchmaking because the party
      is too large to fit in selected playlist(s)s.
      (tldr; unable to find a game using the quickmatch option)

    2. Timer Match Beings stuck at 28 seconds,
      makes people leave the game

    6.cant interrupt taunt with jump (sometimes)

    1. taunt sound bugs out half way through the soundwave sometimes

    2. unlocked item loadout after the game doesnt open.

    3. orange/purple spawnzone protection screen sometimes gets my char bugged in it as i try to leave the safezone
      for a few seconds.

    Beautiful concept, still stays true to Chivalry,
    HUD and design is magnificient

    Will post more when I find em’ cookies!


  • @SunShinesGlory thanks for the feedback!

    1. I have not seen this issue with Particles on Medium; it sounds like you’re missing a texture entirely. Can you please try verifying your game files?

    2. We have a known issue with our VOIP Disable that also disables the chatbox; we will fix this soon.

    3. Walljumps/Vaulting may have issues if you’re experiencing a ping spike or packetloss. We’re working on a solution for this.

    4. Our Matchmaking system has a bug that will give you this message. Please use the server browser for now until we can update the game with fixes for this and the matchmaking system in general.

    5. Our Match Begins timer issue is known and fixed on our end.

    6. You can interrupt your warcry with R (Cancel), not with jump.

    7. Our warcry audio issue is known and should be fixed soon.

    8. The item earned must currently be clicked to open. We will change this to automatically open soon.

    9. Our spawn walls sometimes stick; jumping will help get you out. We’re fixing these as we find them; which maps are you finding these on? Is it both spawns on these maps or just one?

  • @Reithur

    1. Yep that was it! Verified the game files, all is good now.

    Spawn walls bug was on Drydock, I’ll check if it happens on other maps

  • Just found another,

    1. the Pheonix spell for the Alchemancer sometimes doesn’t go on cooldown, seems like if I press Q & Q very fast the cooldown doesn’t reset.


    On this SS I used the Phoenix about 10-15 seconds ago and got a kill, spell icon stayed the same and the cooldown never started.

    Was able to use 3-4 times before it did that tho.

  • @SunShinesGlory Phoenix bug is a known issue and it’s already fixed on our end; we’ll be updating the beta next week.

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