This community is still holding on?

  • I’m surprised that you guys are still this committed to this game, I was at one point too until I realized how terrible the game really was. I took a short break to try the for honor beta and when I went back to Chiv it was just so laggy and choppy. Couldn’t play it ever since. Now the only two reasons I’m posting this is to ask exactly why do you guys keep holding onto this game and what does it do for you, and also what state is the community in? Is there still GOW 11 year olds ganking like it’s second nature? Idk lmk. I was once a dedicated member of the community and I’m curious about how things have become. Btw I do plan on coming back eventually just to goof around, those of you who remember me and liked me and wanna play message me at Piplur.

  • Banned

    @Pip still shit and always will be

  • @857th-Jester Figures :/

  • Banned

    Comp is dead but pub stomping lives on

  • pretty much after SDS disappeared comp Chiv died

  • When I left SDS apparently a couple others left and never really saw them in the scene again.

  • game has been dead since release, just a false illusion of hope and nostalgia kept you nippleheads going

  • Yeee Once greedy Activision fixed DLC and never updated or responded after like a week I instantly loss the hope

  • This post is deleted!

  • Meh the fat little GOW kids are saltier than EVER

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