Should Fade and GOW be considered legit clans???

  • First of all they all are fat salty, annoying scrubs, second of all don’t we all realize how they play cheap? They throw axes at our kendo lineups and they will never stay on there own side of moor trying to instigate us and always make our kendoes to all outs because, they do this. AND they can never win without people mercing for them because, they are trassshhh. I’ve even heard they’ve used Richardsmomshot, General Gatelo, and Duet help them, like come on they aren’t even good without them.
    I’ll agree to a 4v4 and then out of no where they’ll spawn two more players in.
    GOW and Fade are trash and always will be :D

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    They still lost every war

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    @DuckOnQuack002 and your brothers clan is no better…

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  • Please do explain how the clans you have been apart of in the past as well as your brothers clan, are any different. Don’t act any better because you’re not and everyone here knows it. Fake.

  • @Patriotize what???

  • @Patriotize We atleast play by the rules

  • @epickillmaster Never said it was so…

  • who cares the game is dead asf, yesterday not a single eastern game had a player in it till 3, tis the end

  • @DuckOnQuack002 dude lol no you don’t. You’re just like these clans you claim to be scum. I’ve seen you and all your buddies walk to the middle of the field on Moore and get ready to backslash once your team mate is dead. Y’all also throw axes. When I had a scrim against your brothers clan (sir x whatever) they even switched players out because they looked the same. That laggy idiot Duet (who nobody likes) switched in with some smurf. So gg to this argument because your case is flawed.

  • @Patriotize God I love you even more now

  • This post is deleted!

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    @Patriotize um… duet is in my clan smart one…

  • @epickillmaster he Merced for knight smart one.

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    @Patriotize when was this?

  • @epickillmaster like last week or something idk. I was helping GoW against knight and they had Duet in there mercing for a kendo and then an all out

  • @Patriotize What does knights clan gotta do with me? Im not Knight of night, im not in his clan and will never join it, you bring him up like im him or in his clan, like what are you talking about m8

  • @Patriotize So your saying that we start it? Ya’ll aren’t honorable, you guys go up to our line and instigate, Either midas or swag starts the axe throwing and you know its true. We retaliate only because, yall can never a kendo without getting salty about losing, literally Midas when his team starts losing gets the maul switch to our team and start trying to kill us or, whenever were about to send a guy out for the first fight midas come with a maul and kills whoever he sees while his team throw axes. Were not gonna let yoou guys do that and not play cheap back, They are just a bunch of salty fat little kids that can’t take a loss and lie about their war records.

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