Dwindling US Playerbase

  • Congratulations to TB for making a great game, of course there’s still room to grow, but the beta so far has been excellent. My only issue with it is the player base. Usually there is just one US server running, but it’s full (12/12) and I don’t feel like fighting for a spot so I join a new server. Sometimes there is no one on the US servers, either way I join a new server and wait… I know we’re in beta, but the fact that I have to go into a server and wait 30 minutes for someone to join is kind of ruining the game. I end up just getting off a lot of the time because no one is on. EU servers seem to always have someone on, Chiv has always been pretty popular over there. Anyways, if I may make a suggestion, I think TB should consider opening the beta up to more than just pre-orders to give people more of a feel for the game, because it is a great game. I hope that a majority of this games sales aren’t pre-orders, because if the player base is anything like it is now around launch time, I might as well just go back to Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior where the player base is more solid.

  • @Mcnasty
    They’re giving away beta keys on at least one site. Playerbase may increase in the next few days as they are handed out.

  • @Naleaus I hope so.

  • Also depending on your region you might not be seeing all the servers. I am usually seeing at least two full servers and 3-5 partial filled servers. Until it launches and the PB grows you won’t see Chiv population. In my experience the best times are morning and early am. That way you catch ppl at different timezones who play either time of day.

  • Well the open beta sure as hell fixed this problem, at least for the weekend. Really hoping to see more players going forward. Last week was awful there was never more than one west/central server going and some nights there were NONE.

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