AOC_Drawtracer 1 and Verbose console damage log

  • Hi, these are two features from chivalry that are very useful and definitely belong in Mirage, i hope you guys can put these in. So we can see the real-time tracer’s of our swing, and so we can check the console and review for that life what amount of damage was dealt to us with what kind of swing, on which body part, and by whom. In chivalry i tend to check the console for my damage log to try to better learn how i died almost all the time. Though if at all possible, a death replay camera view from the enemies perspective, or if not possible, at least your own, would be absolutely groundbreaking for this game. Figured id make a different thread for this since its a different issue :)

  • @Psyfon we do not yet have a verbose damage output option, though it’s on our list to add eventually.

    We will be using a whitelist of console commands; drawtracers should be on that list.

    I don’t believe we’re working on a replay camera at the moment, but more options become possible after launch.

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