Storing ranks/unlocks online (Steam Cloud)

  • There’s been a few threads regarding people removing their Chiv folder in Windows’ Documents and losing their rank and unlocks (sometimes properly screwing them up), or changing computer and losing them, etc. The thought of reinstalling Windows or getting a new computer and losing my stuff doesn’t really settle well with me, especially now I finally have all weapons and am rank 30; I’m surprised it’s stored locally (or at least, enough to mess stats up if you tinker with it).

    Anyway, does this game not utilise Steam Cloud? I don’t see a Cloud icon next to the game, and I don’t see anything to do with Steam Cloud syncing when I finish playing. Is there any way for the game to have it enabled and for the stats to be stored there? Then we don’t even need to worry about losing our stuff, as it’ll all be tied into Steam and you’ll never lose it no matter what computer you’re on. I don’t know how easy it is to request that stuff from Valve but even many really old, really small games have Cloud options. If Chiv is already on Cloud then I guess it needs looking at, but I don’t think so. Presumably the file uploaded would be tiny, as it’d essentially just be a text file.

    My gaming laptop is a few years old now, so yes, personally speaking I’m a little concerned if/when it dies and I have to start over, which really, I have little patience with. Even if Cloud isn’t an option, is there no other way to have it stored online?

  • yes pls. friend lost his rank and all weapons.

  • if the data is stored online it will save tons of complains from players…

    i will be pissed if i finally unlocked all archer’s dagger/shortsword BUT lost them all due to some pc problem

  • The data isn’t stored locally…the toggle to reset stats for people in the beta was.
    It’s been removed in the hotfix.

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