Crippling freeze

  • I am encountering an issue during the game with freezes. It lasts from 4 to 6 seconds and I get around 3-5 of them per minutes. I couldn’t figure out what triggers them and it seemingly happens randomly.

    Reading this support section of the forum here is what I tried:
    . Disabling gore/blood and minimal lifetime for ragdoll
    . Updating my graphic card driver + (AMD) checking that I don’t have Raptr or AMD gaming evolved
    . Lowering the video quality of the game

    Sadly, none of it worked. However, the amount of freeze seems to decrease with the amount of played time.


  • @bloodre What Windowed mode are you using? Switching to Fullscreen may help.

  • @Reithur The windowed mode is already Fullscreen. On a note, when I did that yesterday I believe it decreased the freezes.

  • @bloodre that’s good to hear. I don’t have an ETA on when we’ll have our AMD issues resolved. We will likely require assistance from AMD for this.

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