Dynamic Wave Spawn System

  • @PsychoAlex:

    As an idea as well; the UT3 which runs on the same engine has a game mode called warfare, where you have to link all the nodes by captuing them in order to open a weak stop in the enemies power core. The game mode itself may not be as good for Chiv, however you could select any node that was under your teams control to spawn at, on a large battlefield map this could give some really dynamic gameplay.

    UT3 had vehicles to get around fast enough that the big maps don’t get too big.

    Also UT2004 also had this game mode but under the name onslaught

  • One thing that completely did my head in on Mount and Blade (just using as a reference) was a 40 second respawn timer on one of the rounds. It was so boring waiting that length of time to respawn, so I quit playing that after a short while. To be honest, I really wouldn’t like to see the respawn timer go over 10 seconds; imagine if you’re new to the game, you spawn, walk into a fight, get instantly killed, have to wait 30 seconds, you do it again, and have to wait another 30 seconds - you spend most of your time waiting rather than fighting and because of the timer, you don’t get much actual fighting in. I can just see lengthy respawn times making more people frustrated rather than happy due to the various methods of increasing it.

    Age of Chivalry had a really great system with it’s waves, you could be heading towards an objective and see a group of 5 to 8 spawn at the same time in most full servers, so I think it did it’s justice with just 10 seconds or so, not to mention it keeps the game fast paced for a relatively slow paced game.

  • @Blaine:

    Age of Chivalry had a really great system with it’s waves, you could be heading towards an objective and see a group of 5 to 8 spawn at the same time in most full servers, so I think it did it’s justice with just 10 seconds or so, not to mention it keeps the game fast paced for a relatively slow paced game.

    10 sec wave respawn would be way better promote teamwork etc

  • I’m not averse to the idea. I usually play one life per round games these days, so I might be off base, but this sounds neat.

  • another addition, dying adds .1 of a second to your own teams timer (so if your team of 32 players gets wiped out, that’s an extra 3.2 seconds i think), but killing removes .1 of a second from the respawn timer.

    To take the dynamic spawner even further, having the game analyse and modify the spawn timer based on people spawning, dying, and capturing/pushing foward objectives, would be quite cool.

    So lets say there is a steady stream of your team moving in to push the cart only to subsequently, and sequentially get slaughtered. The game notices this, and holds back spawning until the trickle of corpses stops, then releases the chunk of team for a mass rush. Why can’t players organise this themselves? because theyre dumb, I mean because theyre stupid… ooh, I mean because it’s pub gameplay and everyone is in it for themselves, or they don’t know how to play, or their mic is broken, or theyre an asshole, or they just want to run in and take out the enemy team on their own, but are too bad at the game to do that. RUNONSENTENCEFTW.

    sorry if that sounds a little negative, but seriously? you expect random pub guys to organise themselves? perhaps if you have a pub mode, and a war mode which has a different spawning system. The pub mode is designed to help players work as a team, while war mode lets players organise themselves morely. MORELY, I choose to ignore the red underline.

  • I must admit that this does sound like a good idea, however the work behind implementing it and the general players response to it are two things that will have into consideration. The General public may not understand the reason that the spawn timer is being changed so much. It could almost force better teamplay however which would be a major bonus.

  • As long as there are other gamemodes such as Deathmatch, with fast and uncomplicated action as an alternative, then I’d say it’s a good idea. You have to realise that many pubbers jump into the game with the sole intention of fighting other players for their amusement, which doesn’t include teamplay or following objectives. These players should have a place to go to as well. If there are only team modes such as in AoC, then they shouldn’t be made too complicated and somewhat accessible for random fighting as well.

  • AoC had deathmatch aka meleefields,tombs and valley.

    I like the idea to help your team by reducing the respawn timer, but is should not be too much. It could get quite frustrating in W:ET when you fought against a team with a nearby spawn and a low respawn timer…
    So for example 5 sec vs 15 sec respawn is already quite unfair in my book .If you spawn next to each other you would have to kill 3 enemies while getting only 1 ally as reinforcement. While this is purely hypthetical such uneven respawn timers lead to big advantages. Now if you dont want one team to have an advantage you have to adjust the distances of the mason/agatha spawns to the objective. So there is a strong correlation between spawn/objective distance and respawn timer. By lowering these just for the one team you give them an advantage. So you can achieve the same thing with a forward spawn or a lowered respawn timer and i have to say i like forward spawns more because it gives you more of a feeling that you achieved something.

  • @Falc:

    AoC had deathmatch aka meleefields,tombs and valley.

    Yes, but they were still Team Deathmatch, iirc, and usually just put up in the map cycle along with all the other maps by most servers. I’m rather talking about a Deathmatch game mode, in the way that you get servers that just run Deathmatch all the time, servers that run TDM all the time, servers that run objective maps all the time, and so on. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a proper Duel mode. The idea is that players simply pick their preference, rather than getting thrown from gamemode to gamemode by the server’s map cycle.

  • obviously this could be annoying if not done subtly, that’s why i recommend 0.1 and 0.2 seconds for kills and deaths. While capturing an objective will provide only a temporary boost to the respawn timer, for like 2 respawns or something.

  • If the devs can make this a server option or for certain game modes (i like this idea for deathmatch) then it would work, but blaine is right playing certain servers or a battle game mode would mean getting killed and waiting AGES because the maps would be oversized and one person with a horse/bow could run around picking off the enemy until he died eventually.

    also i thought the timer on aoc was good as it gave me enough time to look at the floor through the eyes of mah dude as he died and then zoom out into that birds-eye shot over my corpse (with mandatory blood sprays of course :D ) as the battle continued.

    as for the objective timer reducer thingy as-long as it will not take to long to impliment or cause a rush on certain maps where the defenders would end-up spawning in two/threes against the invaders who keep spawning at a faster rate :L

  • I think the current AoC spawns are fine. Increasing enemy respawn timer by killing them has the side effect of slightly less enemies being on the field at one time, a good player will, next to killing the enemy, also increase their spawn time. This will tip the balance even more in the good player’s favor. I’m not really for it. Also, people dieing to get the objective will be punished because they jihad and dont go for frags this way.

    A nice little AoC tutorial on how to stop the enemy from killing your “trickling” in team:
    Go man at arms (for much-needed speed)
    Run to enemy front line
    Engage as many enemies at once, dodge and block all you can, dont go for kills but for distraction (Make the enemy look away from your teammates)

    If you execute the above strategy right the biggest chunk of enemy forces will target you. If you manage to survive for a while while doing this you will give your team enough time to bunch up near the objective. As soon as your team arrives, run towards them so they can help you kill the enemies (all this sprinting/blocking will have left you with low stamina)

    TL;DR: You can do different (better IMHO) things than muck around with the spawn timer. I hate having to wait to spawn, every second of it.

  • There could be secondary objectives that affected spawn times, just like the water supply obj in DF pushed the agathian spawn back.

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