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    In my time away I realized something, the only people on this forum who post consistently that actually matter are homura and gatelo. The rest of you are either irrelevant or don’t post enough for me to mention you.

    Anyone who wants to war my clan you are more than welcome to, hmu on kik, xbox, or insta

    @Naleaus I still don’t like you but you started to grow on me there at the end.

    Here is all I have left to say:

    You are actually the single dumbest person I have ever talked to in my entire life. Anyone who does 10 grams of shrooms deserves to be smacked. Common sense literally looked at you and went “welp, this kid is a tard so might as well leave him alone.”

    How about you get some real roasts? Tryin to roast me for wearing boots you can’t afford is like trying to roast someone for buying a Versace backpack… Maybe you should trying doing some work in those cheap ass timbs of yours… after all, that’s what work boots are for. You say you have a job and a college education but what was your major? African American History?

    You wanna talk to me about my parents grounding me, how bout first we talk about yours. My first question is did they teach you the word discipline? How about the word respect? Maybe if they actually loved you they would have taught you to pick your fights wisely because if not you get curb stomped. So high-tail it back to your little safe space where Xylo and Somer can rub your belly like the dog you are.

    Last thing I have to say to you is you are a pussy. Plain and simple. You talked mad shit until I challenged you to a war then you disappeared. Either war me or keep my name out of your mouth.

    Not much I need to say to you other than git gud scrub. You lost your chill and are now just a little twat.

    Do me a favor and learn how to do your job. I was banned for finishing an argument that was started by Visual Disciple and Somer Village. You do a shit job at reading into situations and determining what the cause of the problem is. Had you banned Viz months ago for continuously calling me a snake and insulting me none of this would have been an issue. Had you banned him and somer when they started talking about my personal life I never would have had to bring up theirs. Get your shit together and learn how to moderate. P.S. Gatelo is right, TB is racist and you banned me for calling Viz a poor black kid to try and earn some brownie points. #calledOUT

    I saved the best for last. You are literally the whiniest, wimpiest person I have ever met. What kind of coward watches their friends get 4, 5, and 6 v 1d and says they don’t want to help because then they will get jumped too? You are a two faced prick and care about nothing except your reputation. On so many occasions you have ridden highly-skilled players simply because you didn’t want them to rek you. You were once a valuable member of this community but you got cocky. Not only did you get cocky, but you abandoned your friends. Iza now gets jumped in EU free for all on a day to day basis (I might have helped some people troll him as archers) because he has no backup and that is 100% on you.

  • @epickillmaster Wimpiest and whiniest? I never complain about anything and as for being wimpy because I didn’t back you up when Vizual was continuing his argument. That doesn’t make me wimpy, I just didn’t want to get involved since it wasn’t my business. You say I ride highly-skilled players because I don’t want to get rekt? I’ve been beaten so many times by so many good players I don’t care who I get beat by. That doesn’t mean I ride them, I just respect them.

    I am a valuable member of this community with trying to encourage players to play the Xbox One version through offering training by joining Plebs once upon a time.

    And you say I abandoned my friends? I haven’t. I was talking to Iza, Hitokiri and Halfdan yesterday. I took a 5 day break to get used to PC Chivalry and actually enjoy it but I never knew that meant me “abandoning” my friends.

    Finally Iza getting jumped in EU FFA isn’t really my business. Even when I was with Iza and he was getting jumped in an EU FAA I still wouldn’t help him since I don’t want to start salt, I’m just there for fun.

    You’re just mad because I upvoted Vizual’s post about the argument, and you said so yourself on Kik. So well done, you’ve made yourself look like an immature little kid by calling everyone out on this list.

    @Mods Please lock this thread.

  • @epickillmaster my boy 😢

  • Banned

    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 lol there it is again. “I don’t want to start salt” = I’m afraid to get jumped. Plain. And. Simple. And tbh I was drunk and salty when I was ranting about that but this is coming from playing with you for months before I actually figured out what kind of person you are.

  • @epickillmaster I’m honestly not afraid to get jumped. Especially in EU FFA since practically everyone likes me. Don’t cut the cake if you can’t handle the slice ;)

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