Response to "guess who's back"

  • U mad bro?


  • @Hoplite-x-Viz lmfao he went off. I concur with his aforementioned statement concerning Reithur. Idgaf if he bans me.

    If you, C4ke, Homura, Nalass, or somer start an argument and someone responds. He bans the guy who reacted to the enticement.

    I unno if he’s never held a position of power or authority within a forum but it’s bewildering, for lack of a better word, for him to ban in that manner. To have biases and give his colleagues immunity isn’t something TornBanner (Coughs TornBanner is racist 2K17 Coughs) should be okay with.

    I mean I really don’t care I quit paying attention to this communist forum a long time ago. You find people in a position of power who abuse it throughout the entire world, even I am guilty of doing so… But I don’t try and hide/justify it by making up random rules on the spot (‘no screenshots, or you’re banned’)

    @Reithur please take off the veteran helmet in your avatar until you unlock all weapons in hou 2 b mod class :P

  • Not a good start if you just got back tbh. I do see a lot of fighting in the console community here though
    at least Mr R takes the time to read it all and be objective, back in the day I knew some dodgy plebs
    who hand out stuff like it was confettie etc , haha I’d imagine you lot would have been culled down
    so fast by the old crowd you’d all need defibrillator’s for the shock and swiftness of it.
    Be thankful you have a site to openly interact plus make new clans/friends/matches

  • Banned

    @Wilt the mods and devs do abuse their power and give biased bans or warnings without little reasoning.

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