Servers crash often fail clusters etc advice in thread

  • snippet below:
    2. Cause of server

    1. The server system is not optimized (Please refer to the article of “Server Optimization” and the video of “CCBoot v3.0 Server’s Operation System Optimization” for details).

    2. The network card of the server is not optimized (Please refer to the “optimization of the server network” for details).

    3. The hard disk speed of the server influences directly the client. Use the HDTune tool to test the speed of the hard disk of the server. If the speed is less than 100 MB/s, then it should be replaced into a faster hard disk.

    4. The all disk should be formatted NTFS with 32K allocation unit…

    5. The idleness rate of the disk influences greatly on the smoothness of the client. Use the CCBoot to “check the disk performance” and the load and cluster size can be checked.

    Use the CCBoot to check the disk performance, and the procedures are as follows:

    1. Click the “Disk Manager” node on the CCBoot UI (Figure 1‑1). site for read full article

    All kinds of stuff but caught the tail end of green box said cluster Frequent server crashes in EU after say
    3 to 5 maps but sometimes you can join a server and its crash is the First map:

    Also I noted Rank starts to misbehave in EU times tbh yet by some good fortune restarts working ok
    when playing in usa times; Do we assume this is why us in the EU get skins that fail to load in Chivalry in EU times
    plus Rank in Mirage is dodgey due to the servers not being switch on at TB offices hehe time zones etc.

    The main thing is the servers, I’d question who hosts the gaming ones and check you have decent drives
    scusi or 10, 000 rpms etc and any other stuff you get from the first link , read times etc, all that techy stuff.

  • @Wilt we’ve performed some maintenance on our servers and have resolved the issue.

  • @Reithur : I have to say it does seem much better atm. That cheeky monkey VintageBeefLP make a joke
    about me in his video of Mirage ;p… tell beefy next time we meet he won’t have a team mate to save him hehe.

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