Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA - Patch 2 Changes

  • We have decided to roll back to Beta Patch 1 due to an unusual number of server crashes that came up. Beta Patch 2 returns next week. Beta 1 Servers are already live, just re-download the client.

  • I suggest stick in the abilities respawn changes for now also try another server hoster provider out ie sim rai
    really I do not ever recall server crashes as frequently on those as those mulitbranflakes servers tbh.

    No association exists between sim & myself but the very rare chat on steam about old game rigs
    but he does provide for sm servers and others with no complaints or crashes as far as I know.
    no rush its holidays . Also bear in mind members of your gaming community can’t see the whole
    picture so if or when they make suggestions even if they sound outlandish remember that key point:

    Looking for a very large egg atm ;p

  • Patch sounds amazing. Looking forward to trying it next week :)

  • Reduced melee turn caps on overheads and stabs slightly

    What does this mean gradually letting the ROH bug users creep into game?

    Reduced stamina drain by 15% when blocking
    You can now jump during windups again

    Are we to get jump stab moves now

    Movement abilities can now be used out of Blocked/interrupt
    Reduced blocked/interrupt time slightly
    All abilities now receive a 4s cooldown when feinted/interrupted

    Reduced active parry time
    Narrowed parry box

    I question the logic of parry changing at all. be that timeing or size remember your trying to get new
    players into game not pander to old fish eyed spin chiv ganking vets who have ruined ffa in chivalry tbh:
    Players/gamers who have never played
    melee will have a hard enough time actually using a parry button why shouldn’t they have a buffer against
    so many eg Taurant chiv knight maul trolls atm or vipress twin sword female who simply go around in packs
    spawn killing , ganking with spam while managing to spam laughs taunts?

    Including some experimental changes that make swing manipulation more powerful against parries ?


    Melee damage balance - general increase in damage


    Increased spawn delay of Barrage and improved its indication ----------------
    not good tbh: Already vs incredibly op classes.
    Ranged loadout:

    Replaced melee attacks with punches
    I still question having no slash move in combat almost completely useless class in melee having to try to stab forward
    or over head while op classes with further ranged swords just spam slash moves while circling you

    Increased the fireballs’ projectile speed
    very good ignore reddit whiny melee class complain they already have vastly superior op class’s of melee spam


    Increased proximity mine damage
    Added damage over time effect to Stasis
    Increased stasis cooldown

    Decreased shove knockback
    More taurant abilities can now be riposted against

    Increased heroic leap range
    bad imo

    **What is the point of having a class that can fly briefly when Vigilist can actually slash it in a split second via an ability
    from the ground? let alone being stunning in the air frozen , even taurants over head seems to kill in air as does
    tower shield hit in air or carpet mans weapon drainer Not only can these other class all cut down an alchemancer
    in flight but they have longer sword range faster with circling slashes/spam plus.

    The real challenge is actually not playing as a former melee class from chivalry: ie why should players be able to
    simply pickup a Taurant class or vipress etc from first game and win scoreboard on a tdm? top 3 being taurants on one side? or mixed with a vipress twin sword player. Then you have this tower shield class , bad enough that shield can
    not only stun when thrown at alchemancer to the point of simply waiting to become on stunned they rush into kill
    but they have a leap with smash down? plus can spam those shields everywhere?

    As an Alchemancer with 100 hours of just this class it really does seem as the other classes not only get all the
    advantages but that is increased after next patch hehe. You really do get an insight into what the other classes
    are about and how op they infact are after 100 hours as just Alchemancer**

  • I noted you can jump of walls mostly to get extra height as Alchemancer to fly ( well not sure if all new alchemancers
    figured that out) however sometimes it actually cancels flight a bug imo: I suggest considering Adding to Alchemancer
    a non wall second jump so if for eg a player double tapped jump as Alchemancer he gets a higher levitate/fly
    Atm jumping of walls that usually give him extra height is ok but to find some times it doesn’t do that but cancels
    flight point blank is tiresome esp in battles. If you ever played revenge of shinobi on mega drive that double jump
    type of thing is done in the air. At the end of the day Alchemancer has it tuff enough in games let alone jumping
    off a wall that actually cancels flight that usually doesn’t etc

    This would infact mean Alchemancer flying ability would not be effected by a wall surface or a wall surface
    required to try to get extra height: Bear in mind with just a one jump into flight mode all the other classes
    can reach / kill Alchemancer with most abilities they have in the loadout .Hence the need for getting off to
    a slightly higher altitude with his jumps is key to staying alive slightly longer at least in battles.

  • The Vigilist’s Heroic Leap was completely useless before, so im glad the range got increased. Just, the shield outclassed its usefulness in every way.

  • Beta 2 is live now!

  • The new patch is smashing! Visually the environment looks perfect.

  • very good isn’t it plus a certain somebody was actually in our TDM match in the Euro ;p
    It reminded me of Q1 when it had floor bopping movements a nice touch imo. Video was
    made on low or medium settings but not to good as I remembered a movie was also on
    in my pc while I was trying to play Mirage while recording it ops…

    All good though it looks smoother , richer plays better with more added features in our base 10/10 patch imo.
    I noted thus an epic settings video will be made soon. Tempted to try twin swords out as
    alt left mixed with right slash combo’s is what I have played as knight in Chivalry for years tbh.

  • New patch is superb, really really fun now. Maybe we could have a poll on whether jumping should be allowed during blocks though? Because depending on which way its set, it almost feels like a different combat system, but anyways right now it plays really good, a ton better than Beta 1.

    But, i think that jumping and thus climbing while in parry mode makes the combat feel a lot smoother, like you’re seamlessly combo-ing, riposting, parrying, doing everything you’d do in a feet planted normal fight, but while scaling and jumping off walls at the same time, without interruptions or limitations, essentially escalating footwork meta to a whole other extreme and incredible level and imo that just feels so exciting and refreshing and feels seamless with how the levels are designed, letting you take advantage of it constantly, i believe thats how it was in the last alpha.

    BUT right now its close enough and it feels very good and if people prefer no jumping while blocking, thats fine and i can totally get used to it. But i wonder how many ppl share my preference. And i suppose TB’s preference rules all at some points and thats okay :)

    I will add though that especially if you’re gonna keep no jumping while blocking, and since jumping has an ‘invisible cooldown’ anyways, a UI indication of the time until your next jump/mini jump so that you can time your presses perfectly and not be ‘stuck in lock’ would be very helpful and honestly improve the whole feel of the combat from adding that indication alone :)

    But yeah basically, since jumping while in parry vs not jumping while in parry makes such a big difference in how the game plays and feels, even though both are great and i just have my slight preference, maybe there should be a vote, unless TB isn’t for it, but how could we get enough ppl to vote…hmm

    Love it, extremely fun, and this patch seems like improvements everywhere, from my couple hrs playtime so far. Thanks a lot guys!

    EDIT: By the way, please keep and preserve the beautiful piece of code responsible for the known issue “Battlecry animations blend strangely when changing stance” as a toggleable option, its so…i dont know if i can curse on here…HILARIOUS. ITS GLORIOUS. BEAUTIFUL. if this was kept in as an option, it would entertain the masses for hours. im tellin ya, no jokes my boys, it may even be more gorgeous than F10 from Chivalry. Possibly more gorgeous than F10 when the body parts textures stretch…seriously, im glad thats in chivalry. its hilarious looking

  • Crashes posted before but I did suggest prior that before you go rushing into a game directly after patchs
    don’t forget the video settings have usually reset to Epic on my system meaning a lot of lower spec rigs
    plus eager to play gamer’s might just stick mouse and fov settings to what they had before but then rush
    into a game. Over looking the other video settings such as Epic and uncapped Fps.

    Do make sure to put those settings down , it’s a minor but 70% of gamers always over looked this
    in Chivalry plus Mirage. I would even suggest a pinned note on steam hub saying after patches
    check video settings are not beyond what your computer can handle after every patch .

  • Banned

    Hey, Now it’s looking amazing before it, that was not really perfect but now it’s perfect,Nice.

  • Uploading the very latest video in which you can see how good it looks and plays tbh. 10/10
    freshly made just now, I even had vsnyc on in this video

  • I have to say after man at arms or archers continously spamming those text messages
    to the point that everywhere you go you can hear them, many gamers don’t actually
    appreciate or like that. They actually do it even in comabt with no pause so finding
    out this stuff is in Mirage is a turn off for me tbh. Being trolled by those laughing sprites

    by voice or text es op twin swords , I watch them go to every server recently just to do
    this kind of trolling flanking players as the main groups fight, they come up behind
    often relentlessly spamming you both with slashes and the text spam/voice also.

    This kind of Feature should be removed as it’s a fledgling game what doesn’t have
    the player base to support such trolling… some veterans of chivalry and new players
    of Mirage certainly find it crass, distracting trolling.

  • @Wilt turn off the VO messages in the chatbox: Options > Game
    Turn down the VO volume: Options > Audio

  • Speak for yourself Wilt, i find it hilarious (well, mostly with the alchemancer). Good thing theres the option for you to use i say :)

  • You might enjoy it now but after 2k hours in Chivalry it wears thin. Also you still get the player: taunts or laughs text
    Is it planned to simply mute players trolling this way? Wording came out wrong , mean’t as on players menu muting
    the irritating trolls by right click etc

    Also is it possible to look at maps solo as I noted a while ago I actually go to look at various maps via console
    forgets what commands I used atm.

  • @Wilt please make bug report posts in the bug reports section.

    Moved your posts to here; https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/26935/wilt-reported-bugs

  • No, really Wilt, i have 3.5k in chiv and im not tired of the voices. Really ,suit yourself :) hopefully that option gets squared away for ya

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