End of competitive?

  • Chiv is really dead? which clans are still alive in NA? in EU just AST and KotS are alive , we are not many to continu competitive

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    @himaking10 I hope the new wave of players will stick around and not become complete cunts. However that doesn’t seem likely.

  • my brothers in arms are bored

  • @857th-Jester Chiv must to be free to have a true wave of new players, i hope some of these new members, thanks to sale in xbox one gold , will be interesting by the game but there are not many guys in public so they left chiv after one or two game ^^

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    @himaking10 I can see why they left this garbage game. I wish more people over these next few days get to buy it, because the people who do seem to be sticking to this game seem to be tards.

    I also think many experienced players will leave because of how laggy and broken the game is. This isn’t helped by the fact that theres more and more players with vegetable internet to pollute the servers and make more broken.

  • @857th-Jester fuck this broken game dude. We got scammed by TB tbh

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    @hit-trade I’m honestly considering ditching this fuck show. I’m debating uninstalling chiv.

  • @hit-trade
    You paid like $20 and played over a year. Regardless of the games potential, all the problems, etc, you got your money’s worth.

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    @himaking10 the only reason I’m playing this game till this day is purely because it was on sale, I never even know the game existed until I saw it for £10 like last March,so I decided why not buy it. I hope other players will be like me and stay playing the game for a while to revive it. The sale will do alot to boost the community

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK Game is gonna die even with the sale tbh

  • @Naleaus I suppose, but I don’t see your point.

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    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 the game wouldn’t be dying if everyone didn’t leave and clans didn’t start disbanding, the game will die but we’re only making it die faster. The servers were swarmed today with newbies and there was even two ffa servers that had players in them in EU. I think chivalry might have a fighting chance.

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK Nope. It’s gonna die. Personally, I’d like Chivalry to have a swift, quick death instead of prolonging the demise making Chivalry suffer. Just pull the plug…

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    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 that’s your opinion, I think it has a good fighting chance. That kind of attitude isn’t helping it any.

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK The game will continue, but anything competitive has or will die. Never get emotionally attached to a game when you have potatoes.

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK its dead dude, move on to a much more competitive and skill-based game like SSBM or CSGO. The Chivalry skill-ceiling is too low tbh. If I could go back two years, I would invest my time into a much better game. Chiv is awful, at least on console. It’s a bit better on PC

  • @hit-trade This game is better then 90% of the high budget games that have been released in its time. For Honor??? What a Fucking joke. Even with the lag For Honor is terrible. Chivs 4ever.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight it’s hard to say that Chiv is better than other games because there are no other popular games that are even close to chivalry, except for For Honor. And even then, For Honor has developer support, constant updates, DLC, and a large player-base, unlike Chivalry. What are the criteria for being a good game?

    Overwatch is a much better game than Chivalry. Overwatch is a FPS team hero shooter, while Chivalry is a medieval slasher. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

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    @hit-trade at the end of the day we all played chivalry for a year or even years, we all obviously liked it and got our money’s worth. Money well spent in my opinion, even if the developers abandoned us.

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK I don’t think I got my money’s worth

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