A few bugs here console & crosshair

  • Incase your not aware they might not be bugs but:
    Being a leftie I noted when in combat if you tapped console key that
    your mouse look freezes up as in -mlook when console key is pushed back up etc.
    noted on a few games will check later over weekend again. Secondly

    I tried to change class to Alchemancer instead of another Taurant with zest to find
    that once in game the Crosshair had a mini shield inside my Circular crosshair
    which would’t go away the entire match:

    Lastly is an option available to remove cross hairs entirely as its been known in Chivalry
    I some months don’t use them… I would imagine Alchemancer is quite playable with no crosshairs.

  • @Wilt the mouse-look after using console is a known issue, but considered low priority at the moment.

    The stamina meter not disappearing is also a known issue that we’re working on.

    I’ll put in the request for an option to disable the crosshair entirely.

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