Crossbow kill accumulation

  • I’ve killed SO many people. Yet it only registers like 2-3 at most each game, IF I’m lucky. What’s the deal? :(

  • Same here. I am down like 20 kills for it. So my heavy Crossbow unlock is still >50

    Everytime steam crashes, or the server goes down or something. Or sometimes it just doesnt feel like counting it. I want that darn Heavy Crossbow! Good for taking down those Ballista guys.

    On another note. The Ballista always glitches for me. Even as an archer, I cant watch the arrow cam, or zoom in or anything. As someone who is colorblind, it is tough to tell who is who from a distance.

  • I have lost about a hundred kills with the bow thanks to crashes (which happens way too often, considering the game isn’t beta anymore) and some other bugs. It’s very frustrating. To be honest I feel like the game wasn’t really ready to be released yet. It’s fun, but it’s way too unstable and buggy.

  • There’s a hotfix coming soon (tomorrow?) to address this issue; it seems to be quite common right now. I had to unlock the heavy crossbow (and the warbow) four times before they finally ‘stuck’. I’ve now, finally, managed to get every unlock and am on rank 30. Just be patient and maybe for today concentrate on good ol’ fashioned killng :D.

    Crossed fingers they’ll also implement a way that the stats will be saved fully online, not local.

  • Yeah I agree; I keep DCing and now I realize that that is the problem. I’ll go 20-4 and it doesn’t matter, I’ll just lose it all near the end 'cause of the game or steam. I wish it stuck with you and it wasn’t necessary to finish a game.

    Maybe I’ll just log on later and see if the connection is better…

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