Team Stacking cure for now

  • After numerous games you begin to see quite a lot of Chivalry players or veterans begin to stack or try to
    as much as possible TDM games: ie noted ranked 15 to even 30 try to wait until team numbers are equal
    to then jump on the stacked side, as they try to just join or form stronger sides plus mostly seem to be maul
    knights jumping in as Taurants or any op melee class they can spam with when stomping spawn camps hehe.

    Without going into specifics of why some classes are certainly op to the hilt… My idea is to simply change
    when team numbers are even anybody who then joins only has the losing sides join team highlighted:

    Dropping players who are inactive aids this as heavy skilled former chiv players trying to hang about for
    another 3 mins just to then join a stacked side under this system will just get server dropped as it is now.

    Temp or perm solution it will aid reduce such stacking of teams , also it might even work in Chivalry this idea.
    recap: When players are Even in game player numbers , only option given is to join team losing in the score totals etc.
    as the winning team join box is dimmed out.

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    Wow. This actually makes a lot of sense. If one team is going to have one extra player, shouldn’t it be the one that’s losing?

  • I did not a few others raising balance teams etc on main steam hub, the in crowd seems to be lots of Taurants
    usually chiv tryhards being former maul knights ;p, simply in flanking and stomping spawn areas for now.

    Lastly noted was Auto join team has a slight problem as it promptly put me on a side with 2 extra players
    This could also contribute towards finding your although your already on a winning side the other team
    has 2 or up to 3 extra players thus becoming the winning side as they joined by auto join prior etc.

  • Autobalance is on our to-do list, but it won’t make it into the next update.

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