Just a few bugs/things I'd like to put focus on.

    • The obelisk (The big 400 damage tinker thing) Kills through walls and floors. I don’t know if this is intentional but its very cheap when you just suddenly die because someone put it on a roof above you.
      Also if you use it near an edge it gets put immediately below you. This feels kinda cheap when you’re on the recieving end because it kinda just pops out of nowhere. In addition, I haven’t really tested this out, but sometimes you can block it, sometimes you cannot?
      On a side note, I think there should be a clear indication as to when it’s gonna blow up. Because currently its kinda just charging up until it suddenly blows up making blocking it hard unless you saw when it started charging.

    • Flinch seems really unreliable. I often get killed because the enemy just mash lmb and it somehow gets through my combo when I had the attack advantage. Also I often get the feeling of a hit and the “Flesh hit” sound that indicates that you’ve damaged the enemy, when the attack actually got blocked. Resulting in me getting hit for free. This seems to happen most often when fighting a Vigilist.

  • @Terje the Obelisk hitting through walls is a known issue and should be fixed for next update.

    We’re still tweaking our hit detection, so this should be improved as we approach launch.