Is it just Alchemancer recovery after hits

  • It’s quite an eyeopener seeing your chosen game class being hit by a range of stuff to be stunned which seems
    far to long, even today during my 3 video recordings even being slash attacked by vigilist as I parry starting
    my karate chop before that even started its animation I was hit again. Same with all kinds of things stunned
    into almost waiting for final kill before character responds: I will not be going through even todays videos
    to slice and dice these things but also noted as mentioned before they seem to be able to just walk through
    a hit from fireball or even spear and continue attack with no stun at all you see. E

    ven worse is Entropist
    witness before stutting through a barrage, spear and a fireball although hurt not stunned in the least and able
    to fire his abiliity the drainer to hit instantly with a circle slash. It is my opinion Alchemancers all round stun
    from every form of attack even upto being hit by abilities from other classes is far to long for recovery times

    Also are we to believe that Vigilist twin swords with op vast amounts of abilities and taurant are to be the
    games vanguards type as we got stuck with in Chivalry at the top of every game almost plus with its opness

    I noted that you not only seemed to limit a 10v10 with Two Alchemancers but increase its barrrage respawn time?
    how can you justify 3 Taurants after seeing a trio of them just today in unison smash an entire mixed team?

    Its not as if 3 even barely good Alchemancers will ever be on at the same time or in a game tbh, I know
    however any 3 Taurants are very hard to deal with in a trio of op mauling with abilities imo. I will keep this post short at least for now.

  • I agree that the vigilist seems to ignore being hit quite often, but don’t worry. They said they are working on improving the hit-detection so it will probably be fixed in the next updates.

  • Yes eg I hit and kill Enthropist with fireball but close up nothing barely effects him, he walks on water hehe.
    it’s being fazed stunned beyond able to recover to hit back from near all sorts of weapons abilities from other
    classes. Concluded my hours soon so likely another class, are more coming I thought it was mentioned somewhere.

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