Custom made voice taunts/commands!

  • Custom made voice taunts!

    Hi i love the mod Age of chivalry, And I got some ideas I hope you put in the game! :D

    User made voice library! Instead of spending ages creating voice taunts to get as many as in team fortress 2. why not let people use their own recordings of their voice.

    Like if you want to say: “charge the archers” Then you record your version of that command. (like the more “manly” version that is: “Ra## the archers Ba######”)

    I think this would be a rather cool feature! 8-)

    Sure not everyone sounds good at the microphone, but then they can use the vanilla taunts/commands or download some other peoples custom taunts/commands.

    Why make something people will make themselves ;)

    Imagine people creating Scottish, French, German accent voice taunts/commands to use in the game and so on. It would let people customize themselves in-game in a really cool way!

    Then there is the problem of having to load all the custom voice files in-game. I don’t know anything about game making, but streaming the voice files only when they are used would maybe solve that problem

    And yes then there is the argument: why not let people use voice chat to do just the same thing.
    I think that you will be surprised what people will manage to do, Its all about giving modding capabilities to those who don’t know scripting, just look at Minecraft! It got a form of very simple map making, but when it is simple you get a lot of creative but not very technologically skilled people making amazing things! :P
    And anyway not everyone sounds like a bad-ass, but they might be able to make themselves sound bad ass instead of an annoying kiddo with custom sounds. And not everyone can use a microphone at all situations.

    I hope this post was not to badly written. :)

  • Your idea is bad and you should feel bad!

  • Sweet Jesus, I feel like weeping at the amount of problems with custom made taunts. Imagine the awful awful spam. Oh My.

  • Filed under: “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  • rofl yeh think mic spam but without admin control :x
    however now that you mentioned accented taunts……
    I’ll beat ye’ bloody brains 'oot wit me 'aggis

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