Crashes on entering server browser

  • What: Game becomes choppy for 2-3 seconds after entering the server browser then crashes
    How: Attempt to load available servers
    Build: 89D1534320315223 0111195605AC55E7

    This happened all 5 of the times I attempted to launch.

    Special error note: This happened once of the three tries. On the main menu a blue box with an error stating

    • Login status: LOGGING_IN
      Last response: FAIL_OTHER
      Last error: gRPC error: Deadline Exceeded

    popped up in the center-bottom of my screen.

    Can anyone help? I’d love to help beta test this game but I can’t when I’m always crashing out of the server browser.

  • @thesunisjustfine

    1. Restart Steam

    2. Reduce your in-game Server Browser Pings in Steam Settings

  • it’s not worked

  • @railya Can you please try verifying your game files?

    We’re currently experiencing an issue with joining servers; if you get stuck with the Main Menu background and no buttons visible, open your console and type disconnect then try to join a server after you are returned to the main menu.

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