Customization / recognize friends with name hover

  • Hello!

    I love playing with my friends. The problem in Chivalry is that you can’t really recognize your friends when you play together. It would be very nice with a feature that if you play with friends on Steam (or maybe you could add a feature for groups in the game) you would always see their names hovering over their heads. A bit like objectives in TO matches. Because now when I play with my two friends who have Chivalry we can’t really recognize each others in the masses of players.

    The other option would be to add some customization so you could recognize friends by seeing their specific colour, helm, emblem or something like that.

    What do you think about this? The easiest solution seems like the name hovering.

    Thanks! Love your game!

  • Personally I find the lack of ID much more “realistic” like that you need to play on a mumble server and really talk about what’s going on… “bob, I’m near that rock…” … do scream command … “k k i heard that, omw”

    SPLUSH SPLUSH ambush everyone is behead


    Yeah good VoIP ingame would be awesome… or mayber servers don’t enable it? dunno anyways yeah, i see what you mean, and I agree but maybe not with tags… however clan/friend colours make tons of sense.

    I imagine crews back in the day would wear some subtle clues to know where their buddies were in the heat of the battle.

  • A way to recognize your friends in-game is in development.

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