Ways to get the Mirage Community up & running on site:

  • I suggest a pinned Message on the Mirage: Arcane warfare team hubs be that both hubs atm explaining how
    to open a forum account on this site: Invite and encourage it in the message: I don’t see why this is not already
    up and running. Not everybody wants to don the twilight hours to be on reddit at eastern times?

    Also atm it seems to be very selective hearing from the rarest of interaction we have from the Community manager/s
    You will have to build the new Mirage community up now not wait at the very least after game release ways to join site
    plus interacting TB chaps should be seen interacting on this site. Remember this time you won’t have the cushion of

    even 1000 let alone 20,000 simply swanning over to join this site from kickstarter. This time you don’t have that base
    of players/fans who will join after following an exciting kickstarter race . No what you have is a new player base
    of unimformed, ignored mostly with selective hearing gamers who don’t know about the main site, or TB even:

    Why AS MR Tibby aka the other day I was it seemed the only person who know infact the Head of Torn Banner
    was in a game of Mirage Arcane Warfare with us hehe. Nobody had a clue or knew him, I even uploaded screenshot:

    Had that of been Chivalry he would have caused a riot and been flocked by a crowd of hello’s and other messages
    you see my point:

    Any suggestions for igniting the new Mirage community post in this thread, well if you want to …

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