Wilt reported bugs

  • @Reithur what an earth is discord, it its a voice chat I don’t use such stuff even in gaming it was always ctf binds
    entire team, well for those without the sound server access. plus is that an mirc channel #mirc mirage…
    Apart from that this pleb is now a Rank 50 or more obnoxious trolling tryhard infact I emailed you info
    weeks prior plus imo it should have been nipped in the bud before now , you actually know him/her I might add
    from prior dealings.

  • @Wilt Discord is a text and voice application. We very, very rarely have our voice channels used, but have a number of text channels that are used frequently. Our discord can be found here.

    “Prior dealings” are not carried over from Chivalry into Mirage.

  • If you can’t join a few simple dots , it’s not my problem tbh. I reported it end of story. If a douche is causing
    4 players to walk away in the beta stage for good then fine. You need the customers I don’t. I certainly won’t
    be wasting my time anymore reporting bs to you at all. Go and find it yourself with those admins gl. 2.5k hours
    In Chivalry ta plus 100 plus in mirage.

  • @Wilt said in Wilt reported bugs:

    TBL-Win64-Shipping under binaries win64 > in task manager it reads cpu 13 1,77001
    TBL-Win64-Shipping Awtest in the other location both still running despite exiting game
    also prevents steam exiting

    In Task manager closing the top one , then allows steam to exit , also it shows Mirage not as running.
    These bugs are a good thing , best these kinds of are found and fixed before release so everybody’s ok.

    You know any major bugs found after a games official release can cause mass panic , forum support hubs
    spammed with requests for help plus be a royal pain to all concerned. Buyers and Developers at a crucial time.

    At the end of programs be that dynamic or static functions , vars etc it should have a routine to empty
    whatever memory is allocated so without to deeply going into code stuff it’s in your court really.

    Noted it was ok today nps: I might have changed some stuff back in menu’s unless it was something
    at TB end or steam that fixed it.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Leave Alchemancer alone tbh : TB

    Utter rubbish from yet another hidden profile:
    The class is fine as it is barely now limited to 2 per side plus the sword
    was replaced by a hand animation , As for it being to spammy also
    twaddle , really you ganking squads of op melee classes have it all tbh.
    It seems every other class can pluck alchemancer out of the air and stun
    him into no time for a reaction in melee , even enthro walked through a direct
    fireball to the head at close range with no stun or delay in his own abilitie
    hit plus melee slash swipe. Go back to your own op melee classes tbh.

    I haven’t seen what i’d call skilled combat yet in melee but a reliance on spam
    plus opness with abilities in gank squads: Plus sing knight maul trolls from
    chivalory walk through every thing thrown at them , lean back parry bla bla
    What was the point in removing RoH yet Taurant seems to be able to do every
    other kind of rubbish as it he is still in chivalry , score lines by even 1st time
    players I have seen at 11 - 0: Let alone those ranked at 30 plus with kdr
    as taurants aka chiv tryhards at 28 average before dieing just once not fun
    on the seemingly stacked teams atm with specs waiting to head to the stacked
    ranked taurant sides hehe.

    Alchemist is the only true skilled but heavily underpowered in melee class tbh.
    Why some op cry baby taurant complaints got its barrage abilitiy cooldown in
    creased plus he actually doesn’t have a slash swipe , A trhing every chivalry
    player will dislike hence not play it often as its a triannned muscle reflex in
    close quarter combat they got from Chivalry… So just leave the class as it is now
    no more nerfs at all ta.

    Taken from my steam post:
    I noted that twaddle posting his rubbish about it on mirage reddit and steam just
    always complaining about Alchemist yet I have seen this stretched fov abuser in
    Chivalry before, Don’t pay him any credit concerning Alchemist or his whiny suggestions:
    Stop trying to turn mirage into a chivalry clone by continuing to reduce Alchemancer class
    to the point where the only classes that matter become just melee. A lot more to add but
    decided to keep it short nowdays tbh

  • Just out of Curiosity I couldn’t imagine a remove arms and weapons console command like the ones in Quake3
    so you just end up with a crosshair. For many fps gamer’s this makes fps games better to them anyway…
    So here is a link

    Unreal 4 How to hide the first person gun

    In comp mode or even normal imo Alchemancer would feel and play better without his arms plus that
    side lean as he fires his ranged fireballs or spears, infact it might even improve it’s niche appealing to
    fps players from other games, who might not really be used to seeing a pair of arms on a screen with +.

    It’s my opinion a lot of gamer’s using this class will not mind or miss the arms not being on screen
    unlike Chivalry as Mirage Alchemancer is the first time TB has introduced a potentially shoot them
    up type of character

  • Yet another pitiful outburst on Steam hub below : You continually surprise me at how out of sync you are TB.
    some hidden profile gets a rapid pitiful response form a developer yet they manage to selectively ignore feedback
    showing how ignorant they are as usual. The very idea you offered a change from Chivalry is proving incorrect.
    One can only imagine what come’s after Alchemancers effectiveness is completely removed, culling of abilities
    I suspect six months down the line due to crying op melee trolls in tears at being hit by any ability because they
    happened to be in a dual of taurant mauls or sword fighting.

    posted in hub of Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA 55 minutes ago
    alch ranged attacks deplete stamina if they miss
    just a suggestion. all other basic attacks deplete a bit of your stamina if you spam your attacks and miss them.
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    Reithur [developer] 18 minutes ago
    This already in our next Beta update!

    Wilt has Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA Just now
    I wouldn’t bother tbh , the way your going it will be rather pointless buying the game
    if you continue to reduce and constantly destroy this class’s effectiveness , why not
    just phase out the Alchemancer and introduce another op melee class.

    The very class that would have drawn non melee players to buy the game is
    being blatantly butchered like slices of ham.

  • No bugs to report, it’s rather annoying tbh . Had a chance to test Two of my Three recent gtx 690’s in sli
    on Mirage I set game at epic but noted it wasn’t until next main screen it kicked in but the demo of Beta3 went
    well plus looked very nice on those cards also. Uploading to utube: Lastly What ever rank/goodies we
    unlocked to they all get taken away on game release Or is it just rank resets.

  • Ranks/progression/unlocks will all be reset when the beta ends.

  • Slight bugish thing is some get confused who is on what side when bloody tbh. I stood for 15 seconds watching
    what I thought was a team mate as they stood by me also. We both had bloodied outfits plus thought we were both
    on the same team hehe. I noted on a recent new map also while in the air as alchemancer , not to high seeing players
    fighting it out all bloody thinking its almost impossible to see who is on what side or tell the apart. You are informed.

    Secondly forget this friendly damage twaddle post on steam: Simply put it’s hard enough to actually hit targets for
    new alchemancers, let alone some pitiful idea of stamina on fireball firing out, which shouldn’t be considered due
    to its extremely underpowered of all classes with no correct melee system , slash or now sword. At the very least
    team damage options should not apply to Alchemancer now limited to 2 on a 10v10 game.

  • @Wilt do you recall which map this was on when you couldn’t tell which team was which? Lighting and environment colour varies greatly.

    As for your concerns about Alchemancer adjustments, I strongly recommend you try playing other classes for a while before claiming that the Alchemancer is underpowered.

  • I don’t recall the map it was a new one it might have been the one with 2 skeletons on a wall , all good maps though .
    As for trying another class perhaps after game release 100 hours plus as Alche so I stand by my opinion tbh for now.
    Ending tomorrow isn’t beta?

  • @Wilt the beta will remain up until the 14th.

    With regard to class balance, that’s up to yourself if you wish to play only one class.

  • @Reithur said in Wilt reported bugs:

    With regard to class balance, that’s up to yourself if you wish to play only one class.

    95% passive, 5% agressive. I like those odds.

  • What are you wittering about tbh. I have played 120 hours as just Alchemancer plus 2000 hours in Chivalry
    Those hours 120 hours alone as Alchemancer told me all I need to know about its flaws plus how under powered
    it is compared to other classes , If he had bothered to read prior feedback It was mentioned along the way the flaws
    plus how other classes can pluck Alchemancer out of air easily, parry his attacks and at close range simply
    walk through his attacks esp Entropist or Taurant: The odds as you put them don’t count due to as I mentioned
    before the selective hearing or replying while not actually bother to read or understand how he clueless he is.

    Other players ie Alchemancers have complained also on steam hub. Basically what you have here is a melee
    game with 3 op classes running about ganking near entire teams at spawn. My time spent in the class I play
    are credible plus my 2000 hours of chivalry enough to tell me exactly what is wrong and how underpowered alche
    is. End of discussion as they don’t actually bother to change anything or listen to veterans points of view or take
    on board the feedback they provide.

  • You brag about making a game with abilities plus melee but the only class that affords an enjoyable change from
    all melee of chivalry you then butcher and nerf down to practically useless in close combat plus +: I note on some
    maps he can’t fly high enough to be out of range of any classes whim to simply pluck him out of air with an ability.
    or stun him to almost non recovery with a hit of a weapon or ability .

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