Wilt reported bugs

  • I don’t recall the map it was a new one it might have been the one with 2 skeletons on a wall , all good maps though .
    As for trying another class perhaps after game release 100 hours plus as Alche so I stand by my opinion tbh for now.
    Ending tomorrow isn’t beta?

  • @Wilt the beta will remain up until the 14th.

    With regard to class balance, that’s up to yourself if you wish to play only one class.

  • @Reithur said in Wilt reported bugs:

    With regard to class balance, that’s up to yourself if you wish to play only one class.

    95% passive, 5% agressive. I like those odds.

  • What are you wittering about tbh. I have played 120 hours as just Alchemancer plus 2000 hours in Chivalry
    Those hours 120 hours alone as Alchemancer told me all I need to know about its flaws plus how under powered
    it is compared to other classes , If he had bothered to read prior feedback It was mentioned along the way the flaws
    plus how other classes can pluck Alchemancer out of air easily, parry his attacks and at close range simply
    walk through his attacks esp Entropist or Taurant: The odds as you put them don’t count due to as I mentioned
    before the selective hearing or replying while not actually bother to read or understand how he clueless he is.

    Other players ie Alchemancers have complained also on steam hub. Basically what you have here is a melee
    game with 3 op classes running about ganking near entire teams at spawn. My time spent in the class I play
    are credible plus my 2000 hours of chivalry enough to tell me exactly what is wrong and how underpowered alche
    is. End of discussion as they don’t actually bother to change anything or listen to veterans points of view or take
    on board the feedback they provide.

  • You brag about making a game with abilities plus melee but the only class that affords an enjoyable change from
    all melee of chivalry you then butcher and nerf down to practically useless in close combat plus +: I note on some
    maps he can’t fly high enough to be out of range of any classes whim to simply pluck him out of air with an ability.
    or stun him to almost non recovery with a hit of a weapon or ability .

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