30-40 fps on servers with more than 16 people on..

  • Even on low settings i only get a few more frames on crowded servers, i should (and can with bots) be able to run this on high settings on my comp (60fps), is anyone else getting this problem? :( 30fps seems to give me a slight disadvantage.

    I know its because its a new game, but i’m just wondering if anyone else was suffering with the same minor problems i have experienced :)

    I was also wondering about the max frame rate of this game too, it seems as if my frame rate is capped on 60, and thats without the vsync turned on; is there a way to get a few more fps?

    My internet is constantly at 5 bars connectivity (maximum) and my graphics card (Nvidia GTX550Ti) is definitely up to the task.

    sorry if i’m rambling here but if you have any q’s, just ask :)
    thanks for looking at my topic guys.

  • Anyone there?

  • I have a high end sli machine. Can play games like skyrim(with HD resolution pack), max payne 3, witcher2 etc at high/ultra settings with 60fps+.

    Unfortunately this game that I bought yesterday at the time of this post, shows about 45fps, at best maybe 50fps. I have not measured it on empty servers, because I was too busy playing the game and could not be bothered to check. Anyways it should be fixed. Good post from the op.


  • Developer


    I have a high end sli machine.

    SLI isn’t working properly by default with our game; Nvidia hasn’t got an SLI profile for us. If you look at GPU utilization, only one GPU will be doing anything. Someone posted this suggestion in another thread, I have no idea if it works but here it is:


    I got SLI working.

    Using nvidia inspector goto the profile for ‘UDK (Unreal Development Kit) based games’

    Then change the SLi compatibility bits to 0x02406405.

    I noticed when looking through the config files that it looked just like borderlands 2 which SLI works. So I tried its SLI its which worked for this game.

  • I suspect that the maps may have something to do with the lower frame rates. There is an enormous amount of detail in the maps.

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