Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA - Patch 3

  • A new Mirage Beta patch is now live, bringing in a huge amount of new content as well as general improvements to performance and networking.

    We are excited to see our community testing out character customization, item unlocks and new maps in the Mirage Beta - please be aware that occasional crashes and performance issues may occur due to the broad scope of this new content.

    Play 9 new maps:

    0_1493050431392_maps list beta3.jpg

    Try out the new Character Customization system: click for gifs!





    0_1493051452310_major changes.jpg

    Major Changes

    • New maps and variants added

      • cp_Mirrors
      • cp_RockBottom
      • ctf_Bridge
      • ps_Drydock
      • tdm_Bridge
      • tdm_FalconRidge
      • tdm_Mirrors
      • to_Academy
      • to_Ravine
    • Customization

      • Customization is now available
      • General Items are unlocked between level 1-25
        • If you have already reached rank 25 you will have all non-weapon items unlocked
      • Weapons continue to drop as you play the game
    • Many crash fixes

    • Fixed server memory leak

    • Adjusted progressions speed

      • Your rank will have increased slightly

    0_1493051601939_general gr.jpg


    • Matchmaking

      • Significantly cut down the search time
      • Fixed issue where it would assign unbalanced teams
    • Disabled team damage in warmup

    • Changed some parry success animations that could be confused for ripostes

    • Updated movement animations for all characters

    • Improved loading times

      • We are still working on getting it down further

    0_1493051843248_bl gameplay.jpg


    • Parry system

      • Your weapon is now treated as an extended hit area making well aimed parries trigger a little earlier
    • Movement abilities can now be used at any point during interrupt, blocked & recovery

      • This only applies to non-damaging abilities like Phase or Teleport
    • You can now combo out of parry

    • Updated all melee timings

    • Increased the size of some weapons tracer sizes

    • Increased jump height

    • Reduced jump cooldown

    • Adjusted 3p camera to be a little bit closer to the character

    • Turn limits now blend back to default smoothly at all times

    • Previously a parry or interrupt would cause a snap as you’re turn limit changed, this should no longer be an issue

    • Alchemancer

      • Punches
        • Adjusted impact method & timings to make the attack more readable
      • Phoenix
        • Fixed being able to fly while guiding the projectile
      • Barrage
        • Can now be parried
          Improved placement logic
          Fixed issue where the ability would go on cooldown without spawning the barrage
          Increased delay between placement and the projectiles spawning
    • Tinker

      • Kickflip
        • Increased kickflip release time from 0.3 to 0.5
      • Stasis
        • Reduced damage
        • It should no longer be possible to get a free hit on a player coming out of stasis
      • Proximity mine
        • Fixed issue where mines could be stacked on top of eachother
        • Fixed issue where mines would disappear into props
        • Fixed issue where getting hit by your own mine would freeze your movement for a short time
        • Reduced collision size
      • Obelisk
        • The pop-up movement is now applied if you move forward while placing it
        • Reduced height so you can always jump up and stand on top of it
        • Can now be parried
        • Fixed issue where it was dealing damage through walls
    • Taurant

      • Shove
        • Reduced windup time
        • Reduced knockback strength
      • Explosive punch
        • Fixed damage being much higher than expected
      • Whirlwind
        • You can no longer riposte after parrying whirlwind
    • Vypress

      • Shadowkick
        • Improved speed & control to make it a more viable option to dash attack
    • Vigilist

      • Surge
        • Adjusted collision to make it less likely to hit targets on the side of the vigilist as she launched it
      • Iron Dome
        • When placing the iron dome you stop major movement abilities like Charge, Dash Attack and Leapslam, targets are now interrupted instead of their abilities just being cancelled
    • Entropist

      • Carpet
        • Increased general travel speed
      • Healing well
        • Improved placement logic

    0_1493052938770_ye misc.jpg


    • Added reverb volumes
    • Fixed many abilities not showing the right icons in the killfeed
    • Improved Objective UI in bomb planting modes and reduced the total number of hud markers visible at any one time
    • Reduced healing score
    • Votekicks can no longer be initiated during the post-game state
    • Made the “Server is unresponsive” notification clearer
    • Dynamic combat music now only starts on interactions with enemies
    • Added separate sensitivity sliders for controllers
    • Improved the process of setting your resolution
    • Added descriptions to all settings
    • “Community” button is now enabled in the frontend and links to the steam hub
    • Exit game & quit match now require confirmations before executing
    • Console command to draw tracers is now enabled for everyone to use
      • To enable tracers: Drawtracers 1
      • To disable tracers: Drawtracers 0

    0_1493053031349_pink bug fixes.jpg

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a desync where a characters parry wouldn’t display properly
    • Fixed issue where projectile impacts would sometimes appear in a previous position of the projectile
    • Fixed alch sword sometimes fading out late
    • Fixed idle kick triggering when the player is unable to spawn (overtime)
    • Fixed not being able to exit out of the post game screen
    • Fixed Alchemancers armband sometimes not being attached to his arm and floating in place
    • Fixed a bug where the post game time would be incorrect if the server was a match making server
    • Fixed phoenix persisting through warmup
    • Fixed blade whip persisting through warmup
    • Fixed damage numbers drawing in top left corner when they are out of view
    • Fixed issue where blade whip wouldn’t queue its follow up attack
    • Fixed issue where the chat activation button would also be registered as the first letter input
    • Fixed proxy mine spawning an additional mine if used against healing well
    • Fixed weapons being stuck in a glowing state after using certain abilities
    • Fixed issue where side and back jumps couldn’t be activated when low on stamina
    • Fixed blade whip sometimes pushing the enemy in the wrong direction when parried
    • Fixed issue where the death cam wouldn’t follow the vypress on death
    • Fixed being able to initiate the suicide countdown while dead
    • Fixed issue where death animations would sometimes play as the character was falling
    • Fixed healing grenade sometimes going on a full cooldown when interrupted
    • Fixed Grapplehook and stasis having different cooldowns for environment & character hits
    • Fixed iron dome not pushing targets away that are wall jumping or vaulting

    0_1493053086299_ktur known.jpg

    Known Issues

    • Possible crash in gameplay
    • Skin is sometimes gray
    • It may take a few seconds to load a character in the customization menu
    • Weapons might not properly display in the customization screen
    • Alchemancer sword will sometime not be visible
    • Helmets and Hair may sometimes not properly display on characters
    • Experience and stats might not properly be recorded
    • Weapons may become unlocked at improper times
    • Some placeholder text may be present
    • Overtime might result in both teams winning
    • Customized weapons may not display when you first join a match

  • Hey Reithur,
    Just an FYI for the team;

    There’s currently an issue with Taurant spawning without a weapon for some players.
    Switching class or reconnecting doesn’t seem to fix it.
    Powers are still usable as well as parry.


  • Very good stuff Beta3, unique Character Customization . Certainly shaping up this game tbh. Note above post that
    stuff in bugs derailing pleb.

  • @Zet Try changing weapons on the customization screen.

  • @Reithur I think that has been reported as tested without result, either. I’ve seen a few people around that has this issue with Taurant, luckily I haven’t had this issue myself.

    EDIT: I’m slow. I’ll ask people to do that if they encounter that issue. Thanks Reithur. :)

  • Increased jump height feels amazing, also love the fix with the riposte animations and being able to hop when stamina is empty. freedom is good

    now to make jumping feel even better, could use a UI cooldown notification for the jumping to minimize spacebar mashing when trying to be fast and keep the timing of the presses nice and smooth

    good patch ty

    EDIT: now that i think about it a UI indication of the time until you return to idle from being knocked down/stunned by an ability would help the feel and responsiveness of the game immensely as well

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