• I’ve turned on damage numbers, and when I hit the opponents head(kill gets confirmed as a headshot) I still see a number corresponding to a torso hit(I tested it as axe taurant and got 110 damage form headshot). Is this a bug or a feature?

  • @m0lshevic the headshot modifier is currently disabled, so what you’re seeing is the correct value (same as torso).

  • Thank you for your rapid response. Are you going to add headshot modifiers in release version? And will there be some kind of a table that shows damage numbers for all loctions for all attacks with all weapons?

    P.S. You are making good game and I hope it will succeed at least to the extent that chiv did.

  • @m0lshevic I don’t know if the headshot modifier will return later or not. We’ll release a damage/modifier chart for weapons eventually.

    Thanks for the support!

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