We need Capture the Flag, right now - And will be DLCs Free?

  • Does this need to be explained? It would be awesome? But not the 1-flag capture, where there is a flag in the center and both teams need to pick it up and take it to their bases, but the awesome 2-flag capture, where each teams has a base with a flag, they must go to their opponents’ base, steal their flag, and take it to his own base.

    Like, the one in Unreal Tournament.

    Besides this, though it has been mentioned before, I also support the idea of including a Captain VS Captain (or King vs King) mode, where each team has a “king” that they must protect, while at the same time they must kill the King of the enemy to get points.

    Finally, will be DLCs free? I mean new content will be released in DLCs right? Or will it be released in free updates?

    Maybe only extremely-awesome/big content will be paid DLCs? While small addons to the game will be added for free in updates?

  • Capture the Flag is already a planned game mode.
    All DLCs released will be free. They don’t want to split up the Chivalry community.
    viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3151 was my idea on Capture the Flag :)

  • What Jake said.

    Also, the CTF maps in AoC were 2-flag CTF, so I assume the devs are a fan of that style as well.

  • From the main site.

    What was once the glorious and noble crusade of King Argon to take back the now ruined first city of Narem has deteriorated into a petty land battle of pride and hubris in it’s decrepit streets and alleys. Take the enemies flag and parade it through the streets in mockery before you burn it back at your base.


    Take the flag and burn it!


    Take the flag and burn it!

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