👊 Boxing Club 💪

  • “1. Rule About Boxing Club, You don’t speak About Boxing Club.”


    A New Competitive Competition for those who let their Fists do the Talking!!!


    HeavyWeight - Knight

    MiddleWeight - Vanguard

    Welterweight - Man At Arms

    Featherweight - Archer

    [Weights are free to move up and down. You’re not locked to any Weight class unless you’re current champion and defending your Title. You Can only Run for one Title at a time]

    [Manager] Not Required but you may Ask for someone to be your manager to spectate your fights and try give advice In a XBOX Live Party During the fight. Due Credit will be given to Manager along side Fighter.


    Arena (on The Wooden Platform in the middle.)
    [Open to other map Suggestions although i think the Square Platform and crowd Cheering is perfect IMO]

    Fighter/Boxer Rules:

    No Kicking, No Vanguard Fist Charges, Protect yourself at all times by either Duck/Weave & Blocking. You have to fight your own Weight Class. Unless! both fighters Agree to Different terms. Standard Time Limit.

    5 Rounds on FFA (Or LTS - Moor). First to Win 3 rounds wins.

    Undecided Rules:

    Fighter Customization: Blue vs Red. No Helmets. 1st Person Only.

    (Potential for referee if anyone wants to be one)

    Referee Rules:

    (1.)Try to Count who lands more punches if Playing FFA and Time limit ends before Any clear Victor.
    (2.)If No Accurate Amount of Punches was counted Ref will decide who was better that fight.
    (3.) Make sure Contestants Don’t leave Fighting Area.
    (4.) Keep Contestants Ping difference in mind.

    if anyone wants to Twitch Stream it And Act as StereoTypical Boxing Commentators. feel free to Comment below.

    If you’d Like to Take Part as a Fighter Comment your Name and also maybe Create a preferred “Nick Name” For yourself. I.E “Iron” Mike (Tyson)

    Other Suggestions/Ideas & Criticism Are Appreciated and Welcome.

    You Can Also Contact me on Xbox.
    GT: I Lord Uhtred I


    I Lord Uhtred I - Matches Involved: 0
    SP4C3 C4KE - Matches Involved: 0


    •Addyboo419 “The Pub Stomper”• -No Titles Won - No Manager | W:1 L:0

    •TheKnightOfIsla• “Hi Back, I’m James” - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •Buying “meatfists mcmullins” Jester• - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •Epic “The Iron Archer” KillMaster• -No Titles Won - (M) Falcons9171- W:1 L:1

    •ODST “HellJumper” SR117• - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •Ser Plague• - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •Ryvo “THE REEEEEEE” Sovan• - No Titles - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •angelofdeath326• - No Titles Won - No Manger | W:0 L:0

    • III Gandalf III “The Italian Stallion” • - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •Knight 0f Night “Toe Tickler” - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:0

    •DuckOnQuack002• - No Titles Won - No Manager | W: L:0

    •QB2 " The Harambe Messiah" - No Titles Won - No Manager | W:0 L:1

  • Banned

    @AST-I-Hitokiri yea bruh I’d do it sounds fun!! But are classes restricted to only fight another or could a man at arms fight a knight?

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK You Have to fight your own weight class else MAA would have a major advantage against Knights or Vanguard since they can dodge and move in and out of range faster.

  • No kicking? Wtf?

    If you add archers that’d be cool too. Agatha archers are best for fist fights because their taunts are the best.

    No vanguard fist chargers either.

  • @No-Home-Planet i would of added kicks especially since i kick alot ^-^ but kicks don’t always land and can create unnecessary Space I.E pushed out of Fight Area.

    Yeah i would add archers but they’d have to fight themselves and im not sure many people would want to fist fight as an Archer even if the Taunts make it hilarious. 😂

    but if people want to play archer they very well can 😆

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri Archer and MAA take about the same of punches. Kicking creates much wanted space if you’re getting stun locked, people still try to range run with their fists, too lol. All in all great idea; not enough people break out the fisticuffs.

  • Actually get enough people for a fists only team objective and then you’re having fun.

  • @No-Home-Planet said in Boxing Club 💪:

    Actually get enough people for a fists only team objective and then you’re having fun.

    Hahah Mayhem!

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri I remember beating the stoneshill peasants to death barehanded, and spending the rest of the match praying to the statue near the catapult. Good times.

  • @No-Home-Planet Those God Damn Filthy Peasants xD

  • Banned

    @AST-I-Hitokiri sounds good, but I hope this does goes through and doesn’t end up like chiv boot camp

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK i really want this to happen. Will be Awesome. But i need people to take part and take roles for it to proceed.

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri Gotta cannibalize those kills. Absorb their strength. Become the greatest warrior.

  • I’m in, I’ll ask angel to be my manager xD

  • @TheKnightOfIsla :) Great!

  • Banned

    @AST-I-Hitokiri sign me up
    my title is daddy niggles

  • Update


    TheKnightOfIsla “Hi Back, I’m James”
    Buying “Daddy Niggles” Jester
    Epic “The Iron Archer” KillMaster
    ODST “HellJumper” SR117

    If anyone else would like to participate Comment your Name and if you like “NickName” Aswell.

    NickName Examples Shown Above.

  • Nickname “Hi Back, I’m James”

  • “1st person only”