Fov 103 max Overwatch?

  • I was reading about this Overwatch game it’s looks quite interesting tbh: Fov being one of my old arguments
    in Chivalry being the biggest killer of the game with no sensible caps but I digress :

    Overwatch has near 60 million players? plus its a first person fov use is 90 to 103. I just made a quick video at
    fov 103 in another fps game so if any of you have played this overwatch let me know if it’s worth a punt:

    If a game with 60 million players can quite happily used for 103 max it reflects just how the fisheyed fov 130 upwards
    junkies in Chivalry with added 3rd person infact ruined any comp scene imo. TB simply pandered to these plebs who
    then got dependent on these game crutches esp Fov abuse to spin, dance plus: Even in the overwatch forums they
    say it gives an unfair advantage hence it was capped at 90 but eventually upto 103 as pro players refused to touch
    overwatch otherwise but and the end of the day everyone is quite ok and happy with fov 103.

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