Anyone interested to get a server from EUROPE?

  • Hi all.

    Started to hammer this game few days ago and still I cannot see many non “official” servers as I would have had imagined. Well anyway to cut to the chase.

    Im co-owner of a game server company from finland and to be short im here just to ask if there is any ppl interested renting a gameserver located in Germany or France? We are currently looking into this game as providing servers for it, but have not decided yet. If this gets even a slight green light from the community we will be doing this intantly.

    Price of the service would be 0.39€ per slot. Hardware is Intel qi7 with as much memory as it is needed and ofc MIN 100/100mb to 1/1gb connection.

    For the price you would get:

    • Professional customer support.
    • Really fast and reliable server.
    • Access to your server via controlpanel and full controll of your server! (ftp acces etc.)

    If you have any questions you can ask more here or contact me directly via email: angellfall [at]

    p.s meanwhile let the heads roll…

  • I’ve moved this to the relevant section.

  • something to do with map change I tried limiting tn noir et rouge the gamemodes to only one instead of all of them, it has the issue. chaussures timberland homme

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