Mirage Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mirage: Arcane Warfare - FAQ

    Below are a set of frequently asked questions; please review this list before posting a new thread.

    How do I play this game?

    We have an in-game tutorial and hint system to help you learn how to play. We also have a tutorial section with basic and more in-depth information about the game and how to play. These tutorials are also available on our Steamhub for the game; press Shift+Tab while in-game to activate the Steam Overlay.

    I can’t seem to launch the game, how do I play?

    • You must run the 64bit version of Windows 7, 8, or 10; the game will not run on any other operating system.
    • If you have recently installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, please see this thread.
    • If you have crashing or having technical issues, please review our troubleshooting post.

    The game is taking a long time to load…?

    • Yes, the game takes a bit to load; please be patient
      – The game currently front-loads assets so that you can change maps faster once you’re in-game

    Where are the game servers located?

    • North america
      • US West - LA
      • US Central - Dallas
      • US Central - Chicago
      • US East - Reston
    • South America
      • Sao Paulo - BR
    • Europe
      • Rotterdam, NL
    • Russia
      • Moscow
    • Australia
      • Sydney
    • Asia/Pacific
      • Hong Kong

    If we do not cover your region, please let us know.

    Is there any backstory to Mirage?

    Yes, we have released a series of Lore blogs. Check out our 3-part lore series in our Tutorial Section.

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