Best Game EVER!

  • I just wanted to stop and thank Torn Banner Studios for this game. I have never had so much fun in a computer game in my 20 years of gaming!

    There is nothing quite like charging through a village, Claymore held high screaming at the top of your lungs as you plunge into a group of 6 enemy Men at Arms, only to quickly relieve 5 of them of their heads before being felled!

    Some of the stuff I have seen in the few days I have been playing this game will be with me for years to come.

    After routing an enemy group at the corpse wagon, my team and I were shouting our victories. Cries of joy and anger filled the courtyard, next thing we know, a hail of arrows falls upon us and skewers the lot in seconds. EPIC

    Holding ground outside the final room with the kings family in it, door already broken. 4 Knights shoulder to shoulder making a shield wall with 2 vanguard behind us piercing the enemy over our heads while friendly arrows rained down from above. Absolutely EPIC!

    Dueling with 1 other knight for almost 5 minutes in a hidden nook in the map. Tense parry for parry blows with both of us unleashing the full compliment of our moves in an attempt to gain the upper hand. I lost my head to that guy and I was happy for it! What a fight!

  • Completely agree with you. Every match is a short story about your character, a chance to participate in a scene like Helm’s Deep from TTT.

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