Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA - Patch 4

  • Our final Mirage Beta patch is now live! See below for changes!

    0_1493836758430_major changes.jpg

    Major Changes

    • Improved the synchronization of player positions
    • Reduced startup loading times
    • Many crash fixes
    • Improved character performance
      • Specifically looking at improving 10v10 performance

    0_1493836768597_general gr.jpg


    • Reduced all matchmaking times
    • Cooldowns are now transferred between loadouts
      • You can no longer switch your loadout to bypass cooldowns
    • Added match end, rank up & item gained sounds
    • Added cast failed & Ability available sounds

    0_1493836779165_bl gameplay.jpg


    • Parries
      • Adjusted parry box to make missed swings more reliable to parry
    • Stamina
      • Riposte windups are now immune to stamina drains
      • Removed wall jump stamina cost
      • Reduced missed swing stamina cost
      • Increased stamina regen
    • Movement
      • Added mini-jumps back in for combat jumps during active combat states
        • The amount of movement provided by combat jumps in the last patch was too forgiving, this mitigates that a fair bit
      • Various changes to increase to slightly increase mobility during ripostes
      • Increased forward momentum on standard jumps
      • Increased chase mechanic speed bonus and acceleration
    • Alchemancer
      • Added Fireball stamina cost
    • Taurant
      • Reduced Boulder cooldown from 40s to 25s
      • Increased whirlwind cooldown from 20s to 30s
    • Tinker
      • Increased backflip release from 0.3 to 0.5
      • Increased Tinker secondary weapon length
      • Polished dervish
      • Kickflip polish
      • Obelisk is now destroyed if hit directly by Surge, Boulder and Chaos Orb
      • Fixed obelisk showing wrong cooldown in the loadout
      • Fixed Obelisk not always killing the tinker
    • Entropist
      • Increased healing grenades projectile speed
    • Vigilist
      • Ward strike no longer knocks the target down
      • Fixed Surge being destroyed if used near a pushable
      • Fixed disperse not activating when using it to get up on a higher surface

    0_1493836789994_ye misc.jpg


    • Customization
      • Improved feedback on selecting new items
      • Removed restrictions on rotating the character
      • Fixed a bug where double clicking on the character button would cause the character to disappear
    • Updated tutorial with feint and parry additions
    • Added motion blur setting
    • Removed unused keybindings
    • Healing score is now given in increments of 10 rather than 1 score per heal applied
    • Added resolution confirmation box
    • Added confirmation box for Quit Match and Exit Game
    • Spectator mode now shows the name of the focused player
    • Fixed inverted controls in the death cam

    0_1493836800159_pink bug fixes.jpg

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed alchemancer punches not having turn caps
    • Fixed physmat issue so footsteps now make the correct sounds based on material
    • Fixed server crash related to portals
    • Fixed battlecry stance change blending
    • Fixed XP calculations at the end of match screen
    • Fixed player name duplication on disconnect
    • Fixed numerous bugs with gore for multiple classes
    • Fixed animation blends for 3rd person jumping
    • Fixed miss swing cost not being taken if you combo from melee into parry
    • Potential rocket throw trail fix for it not rendering
    • Fixed jerky camera anim on explosive punch
    • Fixed issue that caused a team’s player cap to not work
    • Fixed alchemancers gauntlet not playing its animations
    • Fixed Blade Whip fx persisting on death
    • Fixed audio ducking issues around glyphs and demiglyphs
    • Fixed death camera sometimes being locked in place
    • Fixed not being able to escape options menu
    • Fixed default window positioning windowed display modes
    • Fixed various memory leaks
    • Fixed weapon glow sometimes sticking around
    • Fixed hud markers drawing when the options menu is up
    • Fixed Taurants boulder impact fx to repeat on death of the initiator
    • Fixed death animations playing in the air

    0_1493836807288_ktur known.jpg

    Known Issues

    • Server performance may drop and not recover
    • AMD GPU drivers may crash (recommended turning down display settings if you’re affected)
    • Left dodge jumps play the backwards jump animation
    • Forward run animation will appear to continue playing for some users
    • Potential rare crash due to the timing of a garbage collection during combat
    • Ribbon particles may not always display
    • Gore mesh or customization items may appear to stretch on death and dismemberment
    • Characters skin may be gray in customization
    • Items may take some time to load in the customization menu
    • Items may take some time to load when spawning for the first time
    • Tinker Mines and Obelisk may disappear unexpectedly
    • Camera may appear to be under the map when first loading into a match
    • Dismissing a resolution change will not revert your display settings to previous selection

  • @Reithur Noice ;)

  • FPS decreased from 40 to 1-3 in menu. Some optmization problem? After few restarts my problem still exist. Its unplayable.

  • Try checking your video settings etc, you do know it all goes back to epic settings thus many overlook that.

  • @Wilt I checked it before I wrote it here. Everything on low and resolution scalling 50.

    Tabbeed out to windows and im still gettin this massive lags. The game does not want to turn off, need to ctrl+alt+delete it.

  • It might be a setting changed in video settings, as I a week ago was altering things like resol scale and gore
    I forget what others but I noted game wouldn’t exit except by task manager like you, My post is still about.
    After resetting to default then setting up medium settings it worked fine ever since tbh. Best of luck if it helps.

  • @Wilt you keep warning people that it goes back to epic settings, which actually means nothing cause no matter what its set to the FPS stays exactly the same lol. Havent tried this patch yet, hopefully its better. Game runs 120 fps at most times regardless of settings but on some maps it will dip below 75 which is my refresh rate, and turning it to low settings makes literally zero difference. Also, i have a gtx 770 (its new, secondhand and unused but i know its good because ive had it for a year with no probs) and a 4.4ghz i5 3570k so…

    BTW, i am ecstatic to see these stamina changes. Stamina got lost toooooo quickly last patch. Especially making wall jumps have no stamina cost, thats amazing and the way it outta be, gonna be so much fun to play w/ these

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