Mouse for chivalry

  • Awesome launch and many thanks to tibbs and his team for pulling this game together!

    Now back to topic. I have been using the razor death-adder 1800p for about 2 years, first on AOC and now chivalry and I find the lack of button maps pretty annoying (only 5 programmable buttons) as I dislike using the forward roll as a stab. Can anyone recommend me a good gaming mouse (that lasts) fitting for chivalry’s game play?

  • Using a $9 logitech mouse that’s at least 10 years old at this point

    I’d reccomend it

  • Cyborg R.A.T. 5

    I have been using it for about a year now and It’s great, you can change the length of it to match your hand, add and take away weight, it’s very customizable and I love it.

    It has 6 programmable buttons with 3 different modes so 18 programmable buttons, and you can change to different profile setups for different games. It also has an on the go DPI adjustment button AND a precision aim button that can either slow down your DPI or increase it, it’s great for all shooters, and I also play MMO’s with it.

    If you can drop $70 it’s an all around great mouse.

  • i have a logitech g500… I don’t really care about mice, anything else but extra buttons is a gimmick in my opinion.

  • I use a wireless mobile mouse 6000, its simple, cheap, and has a few extra buttons to use for keybinds.

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