Customization tabards and crests

  • So i think it would be neat to be able to create your own custom tarbard and crest for your shield, much like the ability to create an emblem in Call of duty black Ops multiplayer.
    For example (not sure if im aloud to link)
    If you go to youtube and look for Black ops emblems you will see what i mean. The ability to chose different shapes and colors and over lap them to create new images.

    I know that alot of people will say it does not fit into the game but alot of people like customization and the feel of a unique character. If i get killed by the man with a saturated orange star burst on hes shield i know i was killed by that player. If people want to just see normal knights and such, give the option to turn off being able to see other peoples customization.

    Just a thought.

  • I think this would be an awesome idea. I can understand not changing the base colour of your character for team identification reasons. But some customisation would be good. Most armies back then were not just one side vs one side often many different nobles and houses flying different banners under the one cause.

    Either way more customisation is always good! Maybe some plumage and and option to add flags to your polearms or have banners on your back samurai style :?

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