The Bug Thread

  • I was browsing the forums and thought it would be nice to have a thread strictly for bugs (without the rants). If you know of a bug that I didn’t mention, please leave a comment below.


    1.Certain areas around the map get players stuck… usually at the top of hills and next to
    2. Trebuchets stop projectiles from going over them or through them even when they are
    destroyed laying flat on the ground.
    3. Fires stop projectiles from going over them.
    4. Game crashes randomly.

    1.Cannot swap weapons for some time after firing bows and crossbows.
    2.After shooting someone with a projectile, the aimer gets locked to the red color.
    3.Cannot block with the shield after throwing a javelin until you reload.
    4.Slow to a walking speed randomly… Is only fixed when you switch weapons.
    5.Occasionally projectiles will go through targets without damaging them (watch the arrow
    6.With the javelin, mouse sensitivity drops and stops you from looking left or right.

    Siege Weapons:

    1.After being damaged while on the ballista, your hands get stuck facing it like you are still
    trying to hold on. This prevents you from switching weapons or aiming normally until you
    get back on and press E to get off.
    2.Character models shrink to a midgets size while using a siege weapon.

  • Post your bug reports in the Support section


  • Oops. Didn’t know that was for bugs.

  • There’s a bug thread here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3582

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