Special Editions buyers Free copy of Chivalry withdrawn? Trading standards

  • [quote=Reithur;133260909500249083]Apologies, I misread our text; you get Chivalry if you do not already own it. [/quote]

    Nb from steam store description many gamers purchased Special Edition with the clear
    understanding They get a Copy of Chivalry for their steam Account: below is description

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare - Special

    Edition comes teeming with

    magical goodies, from exclusive

    in-game armor to artwork and

    more. Plus, get a free copy of

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for

    your Steam account.

    You need to sort this out because changing a buyers product after he has purchased it
    as far as I know is actually against the Law: ie Buyers of the Special Edition should be
    getting a copy of Chivalry be that by gift or another key as per description - Purchase done.

    If your not going to fulfill your Special Edition description of a Copy of Chivalry for your steam
    account then add after that was not the case then I will be expecting trading standards to take
    a dim view of this situation.

  • Regardless of what a person has in their steam account , that is infact non of your business Torn Banner.
    The store page stipulated Special Edition purchases get copy of Chivalry for their steam account:
    it does not say oh btw not if you already own it. Utter bs and it’s against DSRegulations .

  • Somebody suggested the purchase of goodies should be timed on steam hub a hidden profile i might add:

    Utter rubbish, are you trying to suggest yet more undermining of pre purchase special
    edition customers. This special edition pre purchase had a copy of chivalry for your
    steam account and a beta key. Then somebody gave away the beta keys undermining
    the idea of pre order purchase, to add are trying to Change the free copy of Chivalry
    for the buyers steam account but trying to suggest it’s no longer applicable if you
    already own Chivalry? Now you want the skulls and hats to be timed?

    What is the point of buying special edition now by the looks of it TB is trying to chip
    away at the description and value of said purchase after sale I might add.

    Many customers jumped on the Special pre purchase offer inclusive of a copy of
    Chivalry. If they wish to change the terms of that description fine but not to prior buyers
    it’s to late, they are obliged to complete that contract of sale. Plus Green man gaming
    I noted still has the Special Edition with a copy of Chivalry for your library
    without adding this not applicable rubbish after sale

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