Unable to Download game via steam, in tandem with BSOD

  • So ya, the title says it all. I have no problem downloading other, crappier games via steam (like good ol’ stronghold three…hehe). My computer specifically doesn’t like this game however, and BSOD’s every time. This is not a system requirements issue.

    I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this game, it reminds me of Mount and blade: Warband ( a game I dearly love), except with prettier graphics. Also, I want to see what this kickstarter game has going for it.
    Good luck in a quick fix dev team, rooting for you guys!


  • Yep still causing a bluescreen CTD when I try to use steam to download. Still no issues with other steam games I try to download.

  • So you’re having issues downloading the game from Steam? That’s weird.
    Your best bet is probably to run a MemTest over night with http://www.memtest86.com/.

    I googled around and maybe disabling firewalls/antivirus and updating other drivers might help.

  • So, I found out the issue. On a hunch I wired in my computer directly via hardline. Steam allowed this game to download once I had it wired in (i normally use wireless with zero issues). For some reason this is the only game that I have to do this with to download a game off of steam. Steam never has had any issues with my wireless setup before this point and I play quite a bit of online multiplayer games and consistently have excellent ping values.

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