Reduce player count on TDM servers

  • Hey guys, I think the player count on TDM servers should be reduced.

    • The maps are too small for 20 players, it’s a clusterfuck.
    • Player count causes frame rate issues and server lag
    • More players seems to equal a higher chance of the server crashing IME.

    Drop it to 12 or 14 would be better.


  • I’d doubt they would risk that unwanted change to player numbers on TDM. A lot of players only play that
    because it has those numbers of players. Lets not forget they already added class limits ie Alchemancer
    My only complaint was why an earth spawn has not barrier to prevent trolls walking inbetween respawn
    camps as taurants or op classes to kill players with no abilities even as they respawn: That would stop
    a lot of the cluster you mention, as the 6vv6 games actually have base barriers ?

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    @Wilt First answer that comes to mind is hiding. The only victory conditions rely on number of kills. If one team gets up by one kill, the technically safest way to win would be to just sit in spawn until the timer runs out.

    I think a good workaround to this would be normal TDM, excpt with inaccessible spawns, but also an objective of some sort (like a pushable or a capture point) so that hiding in spawn won’t help.
    O h w a i t

  • Well it’s the numbers atm 10v10 which attracts players a chance to have a nice brawl. If they reduce that it might not
    draw so many new players to the game. The respawn area’s change noted so perhaps later on they could simply make
    fighting on the middle grounds more points sort of like a TDM but king of the hill off shoot from Chivalry etc. Really
    respawning to find near 4 enemies actually in your base does annoy a lot of players on the receiving end plus some
    seem to manage to swop to the winning side adding 2 or more extra players to the mix then.

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