Suggestions and Feedback on Alch and Trickster

  • Alch’s sword option is… well, not really much of an option when you take into consideration team compositions and synergies. The Alch is the black sheep, just like the sniper in TF2 or Hanzo in Overwatch, obviously designed for longer range combat, in a game utterly dominated by classes/characters/game mechanics based around medium to close range combat. We can argue the semantics of the ranged option giving the enemy Reflect capabilities vs having a more dependable close range defense weapon, but at the end of the day, relative to the other classes, being in close combat is not where you want to be. Taking into account that he has very low health, low speed, small reach, slow attack speed… why take the melee option? When the ranged option even has its own melee attack to boot.

    On another note, it really does feel like the Elemental Sword’s hitboxes are not the size of it’s in-game model. They say it’s a sword but it’s range is more akin to a large dagger than an actual sword once blows begin to trade back and forth.

    I think he needs much more incentive to take the Sword. Maybe give him a more powerful block by making it wider, or taller, when he takes the Elemental Sword? That would be my suggestion.

    Trickster on the other had, is the opposite of the black sheep. She’s the white sheep. Bleach white. Dependable health, dependable speed, high weapon damage with fast attack speeds, anahs sleeping dart, pudge’s hook, mines that can get you kills from across the map. She has way too much surface area with her abilities to warrant such surface area in her basic stats as well.

    I think she needs less health. I would set it at 140, to increase the skill ceiling between juggling ability use and cooldowns. And to be honest, I think the Mines should be much more obvious than they are. In my opinion, this can be remedied with audio, rather than more visuals. A kind of ticking noise, or buzzing sound that is much more prominent and obvious, so that even if your back is to it, you can judge the distance of it going off behind you from the proximity of the rapid beeping. That way, you the victim can try and learn from their mistake and try to dodge the blast next time. Rather than the way it is now… where one frame you’re walking, the next you’ve been blown up.

  • @braindead42 thank you for the feedback.

    When choosing the elemental sword, the Alchemancer gains significantly more melee damage, melee range and stamina over the ranged option. The sword itself is more akin to a shortsword.

    We’ve been working to make the Tinker’s mines more noticeable, thus the glow + audio cues and delay between triggering and exploding. We’ll continue to tweak this until we’re happy with it.

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