Votekick Removal/Change: The Real Reason

  • Votekicking needs to be changed. I was just a victim of a troll votekicking abuser who got away with it and pretty much just ruined my experience of this awesome game.

    You can votekick anyone right now for any reason. Anyone on the server you are playing on can initiate it, and by default people will vote yes thinking that the person is a TK-er.

    A guy with Asian Symbols in his steam name logged into the server at the start of the round, killed me in my spawn, then initiated a vote kick. I had done absolutely nothing to him or anyone on the team. He was simply trolling and it worked.

    People do not look on the top right of the screen to see if it was true or not. They simply believed him when he said “TK-er plz kick”. So there you have it, the current system is an easy to abuse one as the servers don’t leave the votekicking/banning up to the admins. Also, I’ve seen people kicked from games (repeatedly) for simply DISAGREEING with someone on the server. It might never be perfect, but honestly, things need to change.

    I don’t know the fix, but this game seriously needs one or else you’ll find a the population of players will go down as the trolls start to realize they can do this.

    Why this bugs me the most*

    I’m West Coast and currently there’s only 1 or 2 Objective servers where I don’t have 120 ping. You can see the problem here I’m sure…

    Thanks in advance.

  • Vote kick is a wonderful system actually. They can’t get rid of it, as there are to many real reasons to kick people. For instance we had a guy with 600+ ping and he was using it to his advantage. Teleporting all over the place getting mad kills. I initiated a vote kick and he was gone, the game was 100% better because of it. I have also gotten a few real TKers kicked as well. Troll kicks will happen, but we got to deal with it.

    I honestly think we should have more stats on the leader board such as team kills, this would solve the problem.

  • vote kicks last for 5 minutes, also don’t play on those servers? i’ve never had any problems with the system. and i have also used it to kick people. most people on the servers i play on are sensible.

  • I feel for you dude, that would suck being kicked because of some jerk. But I would have to agree with Ratkoon, we are far better of with it than without at the moment.

    If there are no admins on a server, which is a lot of the time, deliberate TK’ers have free run to ruin everyone’s fun. I myself have put the votekick to good use for this reason and was very glad it was there.

    As Ratkoon also suggested a “Team kills” stat on the scoreboard would probably be useful. At least then players could hit Tab and see if the player being voted on is guilty of TK’s. Although maybe only have this show up after 2 or 3 TK’s, as accidents do happen.

    Ideally we need a votekick menu. With options for the reasons you want to votekick a player i.e. Team killing, Racist/Abusive Language, Spamming Mic etc.

    The devs are working on more support options for admins. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2203

    “5. More console commands and support for server admins”

    I am sure it is a issue they are well aware off. We will have to wait and see what they do.

  • The “TK” stat on the screen would be the best. That or have a small menu that comes up when voting. Or even make it a console command.

    eg: votekick_teamkill (playername)

    I think a mix of both would be ideal. But at least for now, having something so people can CLEARLY identify a TK-er and a troll is something that’s needed.

  • it should be like “votekick [player] [reason]”

  • Giving more clarity during votekicks would be good. For example, forcing you to choose a reason why you’re kicking the player, and then displaying relevant info to people during the vote. If you choose “Griefing” it would display how much damage the player has dealt to his teammates in the vote box.

    However, removal is out of the question. As much as I’d like to, there’s no way I can moderate the dozens of official servers 24/7.

  • Ya, I think that’s probably the best short term fix we can hope for Sly. It’s short, simple and gets the job done. At least that way it will minimize the sheer amount of griefing going on.

    Also another thing I noticed just yesterday was that people can call votes in quick succession repeatedly. I don’t know if it was just 1 person or a few, but they were trying to get all the top players on both teams kicked just to troll and a vote was called literally every 30 seconds.

    So maybe having a grace period where you can’t vote again or that another vote cannot be called for 2 mins by anyone. Screen was constantly being spammed. =\

  • There was a kiddo around yesterday constantly trying to kick a lot of people and asking for the command. Obviously, we didn’t tell him. And the vote didn’t go through.

    It’s still quite annoying.

  • Imagine the age of chivalry serverd that had NO moderating at all, there was tk’ers everywhere on it :p
    So I have to say that the votekick option is great.

  • It does need to be changed it’s not balanced and the only ones bothering to use it are griefers.

  • I guess it is unfair at times. There are however times when someone does have to be kicked for certain reasons.

    Also, is that THE manlytears? Oh heavens, this game is already dead.

  • ITs good but it is starting to be trolled
    trolol :|

  • How about something like autokick. Player with tk and when a number tk is reached (assigned by the server )

  • Had an issue earlier tonight where this one guy was blatantly TK’ing. We voted to kick him but he would leave the server before the kick happened and rejoin after, repeating a vicious cycle of avoiding being kicked. There weren’t any server admins around to do something about it either. It just really spoiled the experience. :|

  • Unfortunately this is a problem that plagues all online games. You can never fully stop a griefer who is determined to ruin peoples fun. Not matter how many systems you have, a griefer will find a way. Administration is the only real prevention. But this is not possible 24/7.

    As mentioned above, the best option would be to provide more information to the players in order for them to make better judgments. Number of TK’s, damage to teammates etc.

    The best you can do is monitor the server yourself. Take note of arguments in chat and don’t just vote yes as soon as a vote pops up if you are unsure of weather a vote is genuine vote not. And monitor who is TK’ing who. In my experience genuine greifers will stand out eventually.

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