Mirage: Open Beta runs May 11-14

  • Developer

    We’re excited to welcome all players to the Mirage: Arcane Warfare OPEN BETA, running exclusively this weekend from May 11 at 10 a.m. PT to May 14 at 11 a.m. PT on Steam.

    Play the Beta instantly:


    No signup or keys required. Only requirement: a Steam account

    Watch the Open Beta trailer:


    Revealed for the first time, play the new Arena Mode on maps Spire and Tunnel.

    Arena mode:

    • 3v3 competitive tournament, Last Team Standing style
    • Battle until the last warrior stands on small maps designed for fast, vicious brawls.


    Fight on the top of a huge monolith. Bait your opponents to the perilous edges of the tower - then shove them to their doom!


    There’s only one path to death in this long, narrow level. Meet your opponents in the centre, using wall-jumps to gain the higher ground in this claustrophobic corridor.

    More Arena maps will come at launch on May 23.

    Play 9 Team Deathmatch and Objective maps in the Open Beta, out of a total of 27 maps/variants (including 6 arenas) coming at launch.

    Plus, try out our extensive Character Customization system.

    See you in the Beta!

    We are working to resolve known issues with matchmaking, as well as the performance of a few servers. If you encounter problems with Matchmaking, use Advanced Options > Server Browser to find a new server.

  • Just to clarify, what happens after may 14? do we have to wait for release to play more Mirage, or will it just go back to closed beta?

  • @m0lshevic the beta will end on the 14th and all servers will be closed until we release the game on May 23rd.

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