How to increase sensitivity on controller?

  • Hi due to a medical reason I’m unable to play the game normally with keyboard and mouse. Instead I use my Xbox 360 controller which works fine, the only thing that annoys me is the sensitivity for aiming(which is the right analogue stick),

    Is there anyway to increase the sensitivity for the controller?

    Note: I’ve tried using the in game option to no avail.

  • I would also like to draw attention to this issue. The game is loads of fun with a 360 controller, but the inability to set look sensitivity feels like a serious handicap when playing against KB+M players.

    Tibberius mentioned upping the sensitivity here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2468&p=18876&hilit=controller+sensitivity#p18876

    Does anyone know how to change this setting? Perhaps through the .ini files?


  • Yeah i was thinking that too. If you find out please let me know

  • Hey i’m not sure if you read the other post I made but someone mentioned can use a program called"Xpader" iv just tried it works like a charm. All you ahve to do is detect your analogue sticks then set your right one to mouse movement, then you can go about changing sensitivity like normal in-game.

  • I’m still holding out hope for a built-in solution, even one buried in the ini files, rather than having to deal with a paid 3rd party program. But thanks for the update on your solution!

    Anyone else know anything about editing the ini files to increase controller look sensitivity?

  • Alrighty! After digging around in the ini files, I’ve found a way to up the look sensitivity on an XBox 360 controller.

    In the UDKGame.ini file, under the [UTGame.UTPlayerInput] section, edit the following parameters:


    I tripled the values for both and I’m happy with the results! Somebody sticky this piece.

  • Can anyone confirm what ribbot said?

    I’m going to try it myself. I will give feedback in a few.

  • I can say that it works.

    However, I believe tripling the values is a bit much. :P

  • Can someone explain to me via a screen shot or something where to find this? I’ve opened the ini files that I found and cant locate this anywhere among them to be able to change the values. Any help would be wonderful. Its not a super bad thing having the speed the way it is but I would love to be able to adjust it. Thanks again.

  • You may have been looking in the wrong folder. Go to My Documents > My Games > Chivalry Medieval Warfare > UDKGame > Config.

    Inside that folder, open UDKGame.ini.

    Easiest way to find the values they listed is to just ctrl+f and search for LookRightScale. I have no clue if this works as I use mouse and keyboard, but I was able to find the location they mentioned.

  • Thanks for the help I will give it a try.

  • I know this topic is a bit old, I came across it searching for something, I tend to help my fellow 360 controller users out. If editing the ini deems difficult or annoying, just download Remixx’ alternative server browser. It now has a controller editing tab which has a sensitivity scale. GAME ON!


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