• So, I was wondering whether anyone here has played Magicka. For those who haven’t heard of it, Magicka is an action/adventure game with co-op campaign and a great sense of humor, and it has a spellcasting system that is, imo, no less than brilliant: you don’t just select premade spells, but freely combine 8 elements (10 elements, if you include ice and steam which are combinations of water and cold/fire) to form your own spells.

    So, what do you people think about it?

  • Single player gets really frigging hard at the end so i dropped that in favor of only playing with friends.

  • There is no doubt that the more players the better it gets. I love the element combination system, especially getting really creative with it. Like lightning + water, which requires a small trick, or land mines that freeze and blow up enemies. Of course, the blowing up friends thing seems to be pretty common for me too. It’s always their fault. :)

  • Great game :)
    I beat it with my friend.

    It was apparently created using XNA which is quite shocking but kudos to them haha.

  • The only problem is that it runs really slowly on my computer, not to mention my graphics card is giving out, so I really only play it on other computers.

  • @Morelli:

    There is no doubt that the more players the better it gets.

    What’s unique about Magicka is that it gets exponentially more fun when you’re playing with people who are bad at it, in my opinion. It’s way more fun to see people spewing out random spells than to see people playing who know what they’re doing. A while ago, I invited a friend over to co-op Magicka on my PC, and he brought his Xbox controller. I decided to play with the controller, because I deliberately wanted to suck, and it resulted in a shitload of fun. My friend had no clue what he was doing most of the time, and I needed like 10 seconds to form a spell. There was chaos, shouting, swearing and laughter :).

    When you play the campaign with 4 players who all know the game well though, it gets a bit boring, unless you set restrictions. Otherwise it’s just spamming steam-lighting beam (also known as the lolwhatthefuckbeam) and thunderbolt. Or my personal favourite, QRRASE+weapon imbue.

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