Team Auto-balance

  • Hello,
    Played Chivalry a day now and i’m loving almost every second of it. But when i play the game there is one thing that really is annoying becouse you can’t counter it nor out skill it. It is unbalanced teams.
    There are two problems with the balance in a team: beginning of the game and overall in the game.

    In the beginning of a game 80% of all players go blue team (agatha i think). Why? i don’t know.
    This creates uneven start and if you are in the stone mason you get multiganked by four people or more.
    Second problem is when some1 leaves you also get unbalanced teams. Here is the problem that none wants to change team so the game goes on with several more persons in the opposite team until new persons joins the game.

    So my suggestion is: auto-balance.
    Whenever the teams are unbalanced the game automaticly balance the team so there is a equal amount of players in each team.

  • Autobalance is being enabled on all official servers when they restart for the next patch (which should be soon).

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