Mirage Arcane Warfare Suggestions

  • I suggest firstly you have Suggestion hubs on the Steam hub for Mirage, as I suggested a clan hub for chivalry yrs ago.
    Also I think a lot of gamer’s like the variety of Classes but Imo Why not have the option to play any class as Male or Female.
    Simply put players can play any class they like ie A female Taurant could be wigged like a Zena princess warrior type of
    fighter or even a Female type of Entropist on a carpet or Female Alchemancess or male Viper, perhaps along those lines
    for the game later on because I think players do enjoy the classes but I myself won’t be trying any female melee classes
    simply because I am a man. This is initially why I suggest classes as is but option to be either sex .

    Also I suggest if time constraints are causing problems then reschedule the game for later release as not to rush it out.
    just suggestions not mean’t to offend.

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