Team balance is simply bad

  • In 15 hours of gameplay i have yet to encounter on even teams. And i don’t even talk rank-wise or skill-wise or anything similar. But about simple balanced teams. Even most rounds right at start can’t start with an even number of players in both teams. I can not stess how bad and overall wrong is this, especially in a “competitive fps” game with low number of players in a team. It’s always 7 vs 5 or 4 vs 3… few minutes of unbalances is already GG in most cases.

    This is very bad and its something TB devs should implement prior game even entered open beta stage!

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    Matchmaking when?

  • I definitely agree here, there’s a lot wrong with the team balance. The game really needs mechanisms that force things to be fair, such as party caps in matchmaking games.

    One of the worst things about Chivalry is that in every FFA there’s 6 players connected human-centipede-style running around smashing anyone’s heads in. That doesn’t seem like a FFA to me & the game mode is seriously one of the main driving force in any game’s long term activity. If you look at some of the oldest Xbox live games that still have support like Halo 3 – FFA is the only game mode that doesn’t take 3mins to find a game because people are still playing it. It’s a fair, party-less matchmaking system that doesn’t allow stacking. I’d still play Chivalry FFA if it weren’t so stacked but nowadays every FFA server has people who are wrecking it for everyone.

    You can have the best game in the world but if you allow people to ruin it, it’s going to tank. Look at the success of DotA, that was all community drive for years before it became DotA2 – the developers need listen to (most) of the people who care enough to give feedback.

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