Map Idea: Battle of Hoover Dam ( Fallout New Vegas Map in medieval times)

  • Objective 1: NCR (Agatha) must burn down the checkpoint in the middle of the dam that the legion (mason order ) are advancing through.

    Objective 2 Then, from the other side of the checkpoint towards the east side of the dam, agatha must push the ram all the way through the dam, over the bridge and up the road to the big orange gate at the legate camp to knock it down
    ( if you have new vegas, you’ll have to look outside the playable map to see the road between the dam and legate camp )

    3rd objective, Kill Legate Lanius in the Legate’s camp , Legate spawns in the war tent ( Mason chieftain model )

    4th objective, Kill Caesar at the fort (Malric’s model). Agatha spawn around the outside of the fort, Masons spawn outside Caesar’s tent and Caesar spawns at his throne.

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