Feedback: Chat commands in text chat

  • I had an absolute blast playing in the open beta, and I’m really looking forward to release. The one thing I’d love to have as an option: mute chat text on quick chat (z & x).

    I absolutely loved the quick chat features in chivalry and feel like it’s almost as good in mirage maybe even better, however I grew really really tired of it in a way unlike chivalry.

    People spamming laugh every time they kill you, or whatever their preferred taunt or confusion or whatever, as well when they killed my teammates. That kind of behavior isn’t necessarily new or bad, I just hate that it’s broadcast to the entire server and impossible to ignore myself.

    In chiv it wasn’t a problem, it happens all the time. The difference being it’s not just local in mirage and is there for everyone to see. In fact I love spamming chat commands in chiv myself, but didn’t use it in the mirage beta because of how spammy and just overall mean it felt.

    If at all possible the one thing to increase my enjoyment in the game, the option to mute text chat commands across the board. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, have a way to mute myself from text chat, so only my character’s voice can be heard locally.

  • You can already turn it off under game settings.

  • Welp, I completely missed that option. I’m really happy to hear that option is already there though

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